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Whether you’re looking for a stylish, modern design to offset your bedroom, or a subtle design to ease you into a relaxing home, we have plenty on display. A headboard can transform a divan or even the whole bedroom with its bold form.

Choosing what material you want is the first big decision. Metal Headboards can be either traditional and ornate or sleek and modern. Wood is usually reserved for more elaborate and dressy headboards, but a simply designed wooden headboard can actually create a fantastic backdrop with its natural tones and colours. Leather is rather contemporary and is often used on plush, low frames. You can replicate this look with one of our leather headboards.

Naturally this is a bit of a generalisation; each material can be broken down into sub-categories to find exactly what you’re looking for. Faux leather headboards, for instance, are less expensive than real leather and can be manufactured in various colours. Natural leather is stronger, more durable and has an unrivalled texture, but it can come at a price. Similarly, there are various different types of wood to choose from. Pine is the most popular as it can embody many different shades and tones. It is also highly natural and flaunts its knots and blemishes creating a fantastic constellation.

Choosing a headboard with slats presents a further choice – horizontal or vertical? Vertical slats create the illusion of height whereas horizontal ones present width. With a host of the best bed frame and headboard manufacturers to choose from, there is certain to be something to catch your eye.

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A fabric headboard looks plush and inviting — great for leaning against with breakfast in bed! Our range includes fabrics like soft velour, chenille, and faux suede, in subtle neutral colours, cool greens, sumptuous reds and many more! Elegant curves, smart panels, and button details are the finishing touches that make your fabric headboard the crown jewel of your bedroom!


Go for a leather headboard for an instant feeling of luxury! Here at Mattressman, we have a terrific range of leather headboards from the subtle to the sensational! Whether you’re looking for a bold red or a soft cream, stylish diamante detail or a classic smooth finish, there’s a leather headboard to suit you — have a browse of our range and it could be on its way to you tomorrow!


Whether you choose modern simplicity or something more ornate and traditional, a metal headboard will make your bedroom truly shine! Brass, nickel, chrome and pewter finishes look stunning and suit any style of decor, or go for a painted black or white metal headboard for a classic look. Take a look at our full range of metal headboards and use our filters to narrow it down to that perfect choice!


If you’ve decided you’d like a wooden headboard, good news — you’ve got loads to choose from! Pine, oak and rubberwood all look great both in their natural colour and treated with a number of finishes, including warm cherrywood and classy mahogany. You could go for finials, elegant bars, or sweeping curves, or let the beautiful natural markings of the wood speak for themselves with simple panels. No matter what, you’ll love our wooden headboard collection!

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