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What is the importance of a headboard?


The headboard is likely to be the most eye-catching and noticeable fixture of the bed frame and, therefore, must encapsulate the bedroom's style and aesthetic.


If the bed is placed against the wall, a headboard can provide a barrier between the bed and the wall and reduce the possibility of minor scuffs and damage.


As minimal a problem as it may sound, a headboard prevents your pillows from falling down the sleeping end of the bed. Additionally, hand upholstered headboards, also known as fabric headboards, commonly serve as makeshift seats allowing you to comfortably sit in bed and utilise the sumptuous feel of the fabrics.

What does our Silentnight headboard collection consist of?

Our entire collection of Silentnight headboards comprises fabric options, all varying in style and design but with the commonality of providing superior comfort and quality. Most of our collection comprises strutted headboards featuring wooden struts designed for divan beds; however, we also feature a range of floorstanding headboards that can stand independently behind the bed frame.

What styles does our collection showcase?

Buttoned detailing

Buttoned detailing is synonymous with Chesterfield furniture and showcases a luxurious and elegant style.

Winged headboards

This headboard style features inwardly curved pillars resembling the style of wings, featured on either side of the headboard, thus culminating in a cosy and intimate sleeping environment that exudes a glamorous and elegant aesthetic.

Curved structures

Similarly to our winged headboards, our headboards with a curved top add an alternate dimension to the unit, thus setting this type of headboard apart from others and promising an abundance of character and charm to any bedroom.

What colours can I choose from?

We showcase a range of colours, ensuring your new headboard is entirely tailorable to your bed. Varying from neutral and understated colours, including grey, cream and silver, to more exuberant and eccentric options, such as orange, yellow and purple finishes, we're sure to feature the perfect headboard for you.

What sizes does our Silentnight headboard collection consist of?

We feature a headboard for every bed frame consisting of small single, single, small double, double, king and super king size options. The headboard you opt for must match your corresponding mattress and bed size.

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