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What type of desks are there?

A desk is just a desk, right? But we feature lots of desks that are appropriate for a variety of uses. Please continue to read below to discover how each of our workstations can be used.

Computer desk

Aren't all desks computer desks? Most are, and all our desk workstations can be used with laptops. However, we showcase some space-saving desks that aren't appropriate as a permanent computer table, such as our ladder and foldaway desks.

Gaming desk

A gaming desk differs from a computer desk because it offers components that are more suitable for gaming. For example, the cable management systems in-built into gaming desks ensure the space is wire-free. On top of this, they include a monitor stand to raise the screen higher, which can help you game more effectively. Lastly, they incorporate large spaces to store your gaming computer and consoles.

Ladder desk

If your home setup is limited by space, we have a suitable desk for you. Ladder desks are dual-purpose, offering the space to work from a laptop but also include shelves, ideal for storage. You can store office supplies, paperwork, plants or ornaments on several shelves, so you don't have to worry about extra storage solutions.

Foldaway desk

Another space-saving option is our foldaway desks. Mounted to the wall, our foldaway desks are collapsible and can be set up only when you need to use them. When not in use, the desk can be folded up to the cupboard, taking up no floor space when it isn't in use. However, it's also feasible if you want to use it for everyday use.

Corner desks

Lastly, a corner desk might be the perfect option if you have more space to play with in your working environment. This is an excellent home desk for anyone who needs a bigger workspace, as you can spread your paperwork, homework or whatever you're working on.

What styles of desks do we showcase?

No matter the style of desk you're looking for, Mattressman has it. If the modern aesthetic is your go-to, you'll love our understated Scandi-style and industrial-chic desks. Their minimalism oozes modernity and urban contemporary furniture aesthetics. Alternatively, if you prefer a more classic look, our desks featuring natural wooden tones offer complete elegance. Either way, you can find the desk to match your home interior today.

What other types of office furniture do we stock?

Besides our expansive collections of desks, we also feature a range of other furnishings for your office or living space. You can find pieces that match the styles of our desks too.

Desk brands we stock

Several top brands we showcase offer quality home office desk options, with one for every space and aesthetic. From Birlea, Julian Bowen and LPD Furniture, we're confident you can find the office furniture and computer desk you're looking for.

Why shop with Mattressman?

Shopping with us couldn't be any easier. Not only do we offer flexible payment options, but you can also rely on our speedy and free delivery. Your new desk will be delivered directly to you from the brand, ensuring you get the best service. With a wide array of stylish home office desks at superb prices, you can rely on our wonderful gaming and home office desk collection. 

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