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Should I consider a super king size bed?

Super king size beds are the largest UK standard-size bed frame and therefore are likely to occupy a significant amount of space within the bedroom. Whilst super king size beds are incredibly spacious, your room may not be large enough to accommodate a super king size bed. If you're conscious of your room's available space, it may be worthwhile measuring your bedroom to assess whether a super king size bed is a viable option. On the other hand, consider a double or king size bed as a suitable alternative.

Another option to consider is a super king fabric ottoman bed; the ottoman storage functionality ensures ample room and storage space within the bed frame which is ideal for extra bedding and other bedroom essentials. It's worth noting that your existing mattress must correspond with your new bed frame; therefore, ensure you own a super king size mattress or are looking to purchase one before buying a super king size bed.

What is the appeal of wooden bed frames?

Wooden beds commonly feature in traditionally-styled bedrooms and are renowned for their traditional and rustic aesthetic. The wood's natural grain and aesthetic add great character and warmth to the bed.

However, our collection also features wooden bed frames tailor-made for contemporary bedrooms. The modern aesthetic is defined by minimalist and sleek structures or painted wooden options that blur the lines between traditional and contemporary styles. If your heart is set on a wooden structure, but you'd prefer a painted bed frame, consider our black or white wooden beds.

What materials is our collection of super king wooden beds constructed from?

Our collection is comprised of oak, oak-effect or pine, with every bed striking the balance between durability and an elegant aesthetic.

Opt for sprung or solid slats

Slats reside underneath the mattress, with our collection featuring beds with a solid or sprung slatted base. Solid slats accentuate the mattresses firmness, whereas sprung slats provide a 'bouncier feel' to the bed.

Should I choose a super king size bed with a low footend or a high footend?

Whether you choose a bed with a low footend or a high footend comes down to the desired effect you'd like your new bed frame to have. A low footend ensures you're not restricted to the length of the mattress and places less emphasis on the bed's size. In contrast, a bed with a high footend is perfect if you want to create a statement piece of furniture and ensure the bed frame captures the room's attention. Whichever bed you opt for, you can rely on ultimate comfort and an elegant aesthetic.

What headboard styles does our wooden super king bed frame collection include?

Patterned detailing

A range of our headboards feature patterned detailing, adding a stylish touch to the bed frame. The appeal of this headboard style is that the bed frame is sure to be elevated to the room's focal point.

Rattan headboards

Rattan is an incredibly trendy headboard feature and embodies a beautiful, eye-catching aesthetic. The intrinsic detailing of rattan adds a rich and bold touch to any wooden bed frame.

What brands can I choose from?

Birlea, Julian Bowen and Limelight are just some of the superb brands that form our collection.

Why shop with Mattressman?

Not only are our wooden super king size bed frames stylish and durable, but they can be bought for an incredible price.

Free delivery

Regardless of which super king size bed frame you opt for, you can rely on Mattressman for free next-working day delivery (08.00 am - 06.00 pm).

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