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How do I choose the perfect double bed mattress for me?

The best double bed mattress for you will depend on various factors, from your preferred sleeping position to the type of mattress. Some of the best double mattresses we offer may work for particular sleepers but not for others. Following our advice below will guide you to find the best double bed mattress to ensure you're adequately supported all night long for many years.

How big is a double mattress?

Double mattress size

Our extensive range of double mattresses includes options for every kind of sleeper, helping you get the best night's sleep possible. One of the most popular sizes in our range, a double mattress is 135cm (4'6") wide and 190cm (6'3") long. Discover all types of double beds we stock, alongside what support tension and filling type best suits you and how you sleep.

If your bedroom is too small for a double bed frame and mattress, you can opt for a small double mattress instead. A small double mattress is seen as a space-saving alternative to a double bed mattress, allowing for greater floor space whilst maintaining a spacious sleeping area. Fortunately, our user-friendly website allows you to shop by type, size and price among other filters.

Consider alternatives (Bed sizes UK)

Small double mattress size

As mentioned above, a small double bed and mattress may be a better fit for your bedroom. These mattresses measure 120cm (4') wide and 190cm (6'3") long. If you'd prefer greater floor space over a spacious sleeping solution, one of our small double mattresses could be the perfect solution.

King size

Alternatively, if you think the space in your bedroom can occupy a larger bed, consider a king size mattress. Measuring 150cm (5') wide and 200cm (6'6") long, they're perfect for anyone who wants a little more space than what a double mattress offers. Whether you choose a small double, a double bed or a king size option, you'll be sure of a spacious sleeping option.

For a comprehensive overview of double bed size in both imperial and cm measurements, check out our useful mattress guide.

What types of double mattresses are available?

Pocket sprung

With the pocket sprung mattress type being one of our most popular options, our range of double pocket sprung mattresses is vast. Because the pocket springs move individually, the mattress surface moves with the contours of your body to provide even weight distribution and total support. Such a mattress is excellent for couples sharing a bed where motion is isolated and partner disturbance is minimised. For anyone seeking proactive and tailored support, a pocket sprung double mattress is ideal and has the potential to improve sleep quality and quantity. 

Open coil

The traditional open coil spring system consists of a continuous spring that runs up and down the mattress spring unit, usually providing a firmer tension. They are one of the most accessible mattresses to manufacture; it's a superb budget option whilst still providing deep refreshing sleep. With this in mind, you can rely on our open coil collection for a cheap double mattress, that's cheap only by cost and not quality. Open coil mattresses are less effective in delivering motion isolation than pocket springs. This means that you may be able to feel your partner moving around at night, more so by the end of the mattress's lifetime.

Memory foam

Memory foam is known for its body-moulding properties and provides fantastic comfort. Because memory foam air seeps out of millions of tiny holes when pressure is applied, the surface moves to the contours of your body. Because of the structure of memory foam mattresses, it is known for their heat retention. For all of the benefits of our double memory foam mattresses, you may want a double mattress with better temperature-regulating properties if you're a hot sleeper, such as gel foam or latex.


Our latex mattress collection is considered a breathable alternative to memory foam, and therefore, the material's temperature-regulating properties could be the difference between a double memory foam mattress and a latex option. Latex mattresses are fantastic for supplying a bouncy, spongey sleeping surface similar to memory foam. However, unlike memory foam, a latex double mattress has an open cell structure and natural elasticity that makes for a much more breathable mattress. Also known for their unparalleled durability, latex mattresses are known for lasting over 10 years, much longer than any other mattress.


If you need help deciding whether you want a sleeping solution with springs or foam, the best double mattress may be a hybrid. Combining springs with memory foam, latex or any other comfort layer, you can enjoy the support and benefits of two mattress types fused together. Many brands create hybrid double mattresses, several of which arrive rolled and vacuum-packed. Bed-in-a-box hybrid mattress brands such as Nectar and Emma provide a simple delivery service that makes your mattress purchase convenient.

What mattress firmness is right for me?

Whilst we pride ourselves on quality mattresses, this isn't to say that every mattress will be the ideal fit for you. Depending on your preferred sleeping position, the tension required from a double mattress will differ to promote even weight distribution and good support for the upper body. Read below to find the right double mattress firmness for your sleeping position.

Soft and medium tension

For those preferred side sleepers, a soft mattress or medium support tension is best designed for how you sleep. A bed on the soft end of the spectrum helps promote healthy spine alignment by providing extra cushioning for your shoulders and hips. Another factor to consider before purchasing a soft double mattress is stature; for side sleepers of a heavier build, we'd recommend a medium or medium firm double mattress to evenly distribute weight.

Medium firm tension

If you prefer sleeping in all positions, a medium firm option is a suitable mattress for you. Not too firm to support your spine whilst you sleep on your side, and not too soft to do the same whilst you sleep on your front or back. The best double mattress featuring a medium firm tension will provide consistent levels of comfort and support regardless of your sleeping position.

Firm and extra firm support

For those preferred front and back sleepers, a firmer sleeping solution will best support your spine whilst in these positions. If you suffer from a sore back or joint pain, an orthopaedic or extra firm double mattress may be better suited to reinforce healthy spine alignment.

Should I consider a firm or extra firm double mattress?

As mentioned above, extra firm mattresses are better suited for anyone looking for a sleeping solution to help alleviate minor aches and pains as opposed to merely offering firm support whilst front and back sleeping.

What brands of double mattresses do you stock?

At Mattressman, the standard double mattress is our most popular mattress size. With a double bed for every sleeper included in our range, you can expect to see brands and manufacturers such as Emma, Silentnight, Sealy, Hypnos, Relyon, British Bed Company, JAY-BE and SleepSoul, alongside so many more. You can find the perfect double mattress from one of these trusted brands. Whether it's a tried and tested Silentnight mattress, an innovative sleep solution from Emma or anything in between, a better night's sleep is just around the corner.

What are the benefits of a double mattress?

There are many benefits to our range of double mattresses that can help provide the perfect night's sleep. If you want a simple delivery process, many beds today are vacuum-packed and delivered in a box, ensuring the double mattress is easy to transfer to the designated room. With micro-quilted, damask and removable covers, you can opt for a double bed that is both soft and easy to clean. Handles, vents and rod edging help manoeuvre your mattress easily, ensure the double mattress is breathable, and provide edge-to-edge support. With many quality double bed mattresses incorporating these benefits, we're confident you can find the option that suits your sleeping requirements.

Consider a double bed and mattress pairing

Otherwise known as a 'design your own bed tool', our divan options allow you to create your perfect sleeping solution and are ideal if you have a vision of your dream bed in mind. Our divan options allow you create your dream bed base entirely tailorable with your mattress to create your perfect double bed and mattress set. Available as either a base- only option or as a double bed & mattress pair, you can rely on Mattressman.

Mattress accessories

Complement your new bed with a double mattress topper or protector and prolong your mattress's life comfort and expectancy.

Why purchase with Mattressman?

Mattressman is Britain's biggest mattress specialist, offering hundreds of double mattresses varying in support firmness, mattress composition, filling types and budgets. With an affordable double mattress for every sleeper, you can rely on our free next-working-day delivery and mattress recycling services. With this in mind, your new double mattress is within easy reach. What's more, you can be on your way to super sleep in no time without worrying about removing your old double mattress.

Double mattress sale

In addition to our affordable prices, keep an eye out for our double bed mattress sale and find your dream sleeping solution at a fantastic price. What's more, we feature a range of accessories, including a double mattress topper and protection collection, ensuring you receive the best night's sleep possible.

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