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Is a medium double mattress right for me?

Consider whether a double mattress is suitable

First and foremost, it's important that you're looking at a suitable collection of mattresses. As the name suggests, a double mattress is compatible with a double bed and should only be purchased if your bedroom features a double bed or you're likely to purchase a double bed.

Assess your sleeping position

Your sleeping position goes a long way to determining whether a mattress with medium firmness is the right choice for you. Both medium and medium-firm mattresses are designed to accommodate side sleepers, with the sleeping surface able to sufficiently cushion the hip and shoulder whilst sleeping in this position. However, medium mattresses are better suited than medium firm mattresses to those of a lighter stature. Moreover, if you're prone to sleeping in different positions throughout the night, a medium firm mattress is advised over a medium mattress. It's worth noting that at Mattressman, we also feature an extensive collection of mattresses featuring different tensions, including the best medium firm mattresses you could wish for. In essence, mattress firmness and your sleeping position are intrinsically linked.

What types of mattresses do our collection comprises?

Open coil mattresses

An open coil mattress consists of a strong steel coil wound into springs and connected via a wire rod. Open coil mattresses are commonly thought of as budget mattresses. However, the comfort and support of our open coil mattresses remain uncompressed and offer a great night's sleep for an affordable price.

Pocket sprung mattresses

 A pocket-sprung mattress offers superb levels of comfort and support. Pocket springs work independently and are individually enclosed in fabric pockets; each spring reacts to body movements and offers fantastic pressure relief and targeted support. Pocket springs are particularly popular among those who share a bed with a partner; pocket springs evenly distribute weight and therefore prevent roll together', which occurs when a dip in the mattress causes two sleepers to meet in the middle. Therefore if you're looking for the best double mattress to share with a partner, a mattress with pocket springs may be the way to go.

Memory foam mattresses

A memory foam mattress moulds to your body shape and offers sumptuous pressure-relieving support for the perfect night's sleep.

Latex mattresses

Many similarities can be drawn between latex and memory foam mattresses. However, latex, a natural material derived from rubber trees, is renowned for its breathability and is the ideal memory foam alternative for those who sleep hot.

Gel foam mattresses

As with latex, a gel foam mattress is considered a breathable alternative to memory foam. The culmination of the temperature-regulating and breathable properties synonymous with gel foam mattresses and the body moulding support make this an appealing choice for many, especially those who are frequently hot during the night.

Geltex mattresses

Yet another feature aimed towards promoting a suitable sleeping temperature throughout the night, a geltex mattress is a viable option for those who sleep hot. Geltex is a gel-infused comfort filling recognised for its bounceback ability and body moulding properties. Geltex's open cell structure is inherently breathable and allows you to remain at an appropriate temperature all night.

Hybrid mattresses

As the name alludes to, a hybrid mattress is comprised of multiple support layers. The majority of mattresses are categorised by a support layer and a comfort layer. Mattress features such as memory foam or cotton fillings constitute the mattress's comfort layers, whereas reflex foam, pocket springs and other supportive compositions comprise the mattress's support layer.

What fillings does our collection consist of?

Natural fillings

Natural fillings are defined as materials that aren't synthetic; these fillings commonly consist of wool and cotton. Natural mattresses are considered premium sleeping solutions recognised for their supreme comfort and temperature-regulating properties.

Fibre fillings

Synthetic fillings are incredibly durable and comfortable, with the bonus of being ideal for allergy sufferers courtesy of their hypoallergenic properties.

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