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Relyon Ultimate Ortho Support 1500 Mattress

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  • With both polyester and natural cotton fillings, the Ultimate Ortho Support has hypoallergenic properties.
  • Three rows of side stitching give a robust border to the mattress.
  • 1500 individual pocket springs provide postural support throughout.
Relyon’s Ultimate Ortho Support is made in Britain and is certainly a mattress you can ‘rely on’. Perfect for people who need the most supportive of mattresses, or simply don’t like softer mattresses. Benefits of this mattress include that its double sided and includes handles, which makes this a very easy mattress to care for. Relyon offer an 8 year guarantee with this mattress.

Extra firm

If you’re looking for a mattress that goes above and beyond to give firm support, the Ultimate Ortho Support could be the one for you. Designed to help those who suffer with back issues, it features 1500 individually moving pocket springs (for a king size mattress). The top surface is cushioned very densely and the spring system is silent, which makes this extra firm mattress even more appealing.

Ultimate Ortho Support 1500

Blended fillings

With both polyester and natural cotton fillings, the Ultimate Ortho Support has hypoallergenic properties. The polyester contributes to a robust and durable filling, whilst the cotton regulates body temperature. Naturally it has great absorption qualities, so can wick away extra moisture produced by body heat. These fillings are all kept together sturdily through hand tufting, which also adds tension to the mattress too.
Ultimate Ortho Support 1500

About Relyon

Founded in the 19th century creating 100% wool mattresses, Relyon have come very far since and have continued on their path of excellence. As one of the UK’s leading bed manufacturers, they employ nearly 500 people that put high quality at the forefront of their work.

Ultimate Ortho Support 1500

Who is an extra firm mattress best designed for?

For those who prefer to sleep on their backs or are of a heavier stature, you may prefer an extra firm mattress. Generally back sleepers need more support than someone who sleeps on their side, as it needs to support your shoulders and hips without letting the middle of your back to sink into the mattress. People who are in a heavier weight group may prefer an extra firm mattress as the high tension in the springs can fully support you. This ensures you wake up feeling supported and you can wake up without aches or pains.

What about front sleepers?

There are many reports that suggest that sleeping on your front should be avoided as it can put a lot of strain on your neck and back. A lot of our weight is in the middle of our body so if you lay on your front you will not be able to maintain your natural spinal alignment. However, if you can't stray away from your favourite sleeping position, a firmer or mattress would be better designed for you, suggesting an extra firm may be too much for this position.

What makes a good extra firm mattress?

A good trait would be that it maintains it's tension for as long as possible. Once a mattress tension starts deteriorating, it will likely never go back to the way it was. Therefore it's important that you read reviews of extra firm mattresses to see how other people have experienced them too. Overall, is much harder for a firmer mattress' structure to deteriorate and lose form than it is for a soft mattress. Relyon provide an 8 year guarantee with this mattress, which can give you a sense of ease when purchasing.

  • Extra Firm
  • 1500 Pocket Springs
  • Cotton
  • Fibre Fillings
  • Mattress Depth
  • Hand Tufted
Extra Firm is the level of support to the body, suitable for extra heavily weighted people. This is not a comfort rating.
1500 Pocket Springs With each individual spring encapsulated in fabric, they move independently for a body moulding, no roll together and quiet night's sleep.
Cotton Cotton fillings are perfect for regulating your body temperature, wicking away moisture with a comfortable cool feel.
Fibre Fillings Fantastic for hay fever sufferers, white fibre fillings are 100% hypoallergenic polyester that's very durable.
Mattress Depth 30 cm
Hand Tufted buttons evenly over the sleeping surface, keeping the fillings together and adding a tension to the springs.
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