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Who are Millbrook Beds?

As mentioned above, Millbrook Beds crafts luxury beds and mattresses. The company's journey began in 1946 when Walter Croll opened his small upholstery and bedding workshop in the Millbrook area of Southampton. Since then, the family-run company has grown from strength to strength, with Millbrook divan beds and mattresses featuring in homes across the country. Millbrook pride itself on meticulous detail and expert craft, culminating in sensational products. So whether it's a Millbrook bed or mattress you're seeking, Millbrook Beds have your needs catered for.

What does our Millbrook range consist of?

Here at Mattressman, we feature a wonderful range of luxurious mattresses destined to ensure you receive a great night's sleep.

Pocket springs

Courtesy of Millbrook's revolutionary encapsulated spring system, tailored support is guaranteed with each spring enclosed in a fabric pocket and reacting to individual body movements. Pocket springs are associated with premium mattresses and are renowned for their pressure-relieving attributes.

Natural fillings

As opposed to synthetic materials, a natural mattress comprises sumptuous natural fillings such as wool, cotton and silk. All of our Millbrook mattresses comprise natural fillings consisting of cotton and lambswool, renowned for their temperature-regulating properties and ability to wick away moisture for a clean and dry sleeping surface. Such is the comfort and support of cotton and wool; they're sometimes referred to as 'orthopaedic natural fillings'.

Our favourite Millbrook mattress features

Chemical free

No chemical treatment is used in the mattress manufacturing process, ensuring your new sleeping solution is free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

Tuft-free surface

Our Millbrook mattresses feature tuft-free sleeping surfaces, while the Smooth-Tech™ feature incorporated into the cover ensures a sumptuous and incredibly comfortable night's sleep.

Temperature regulating

The natural materials, including Hampshire wool and cotton, comprising the Millbrook collection, ensure your night's sleep isn't influenced by the seasons.

What mattress tensions does our range consist of?

Our beautifully handmade Millbrook mattress collection consists of soft, medium and medium firm tensions.

Soft mattress tension

A soft mattress is intended for side sleepers of a lighter stature, with the soft sleeping surface designed to cushion the hip and shoulder whilst sleeping.

Medium mattress tension

Similar to a soft mattress yet aimed at sleepers of a heavier stature, a medium mattress is ideally suited to side sleepers.

Medium firm tension

If you interchange sleeping positions throughout the night, consider a medium firm mattress; the mattress surface is firm enough to adequately support the spine whilst front or back sleeping yet is soft enough to provide cushioned support to the hip and shoulder.

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