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Should I consider a king size metal bed?

The suitability of a king size bed

As the name suggests, a king size bed is large and likely to occupy significant space within the bedroom. With this in mind, it's essential to consider whether your bedroom features the available space to occupy a king size bed frame; envisage the bed within your bedroom and determine whether there's enough floor space, room for the bed and bedroom furniture. If you are conscious of your bedroom's size, opting for a double bed may be worthwhile, thus freeing room for furniture. Alternatively, if the bedroom is of significant size, such as a master bedroom, you'll likely have the luxury between a double, king size and super king size bed.

The styles that metal frames showcase

Deciphering whether a metal bed is best suited for a traditional or contemporary bedroom style isn't determined by the metal structure itself but by the style and designs the metal bed frame showcases. Here are some factors to help establish which style of metal bed is compatible with your bedroom.

Traditional bedrooms

Style is subjective, and your interpretation of modern style may differ from someone elses. However, broadly speaking, opulent-styled headboards and footends featuring curved structures and glamorous finials allude to a beautifully traditional aesthetic.

Modern bedrooms

Contemporary furnishings tend to adopt minimalist and understated aesthetics, with common examples including low footends and industrial-styled frameworks. These styles of beds embody a subtle elegance and allow the room's surroundings to flourish.

Choose between beds with solid or sprung slats

Choosing a bed with sprung slats or solid slats comes down to personal preference. Sprung slats provide a 'bouncier feel' to the bed, whereas solid slats accentuate the mattresses firmness.

Filter your search by colour

Whilst we feature silver and bronze finishes, commonly associated with metal frameworks, we also showcase a range of painted metal bed frames, including gold and pink finishes.

What brands form our collection?

Julian Bowen, Birela, Dorel and Time Living are just some of the fantastic brands contributing to our collection.

Free delivery

Whether it's a single bed, a king size option or any other bed frame variation, we provide free next-working day delivery for all in-stock items (08.00 am - 06.00 pm).

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