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What is a medium firm small double mattress?

'Small double' relates to the mattress size, whereas 'medium firm' indicates the mattresses tension.

So, should I opt for a medium firm small double mattress?

To answer this question, first, you need to separate your mattress criteria into size and tension.

The suitability of medium firm mattresses

A medium firm mattress is a hugely popular choice as it's renowned for its versatility and capabilities to accommodate those who sleep in various positions throughout the night. A mattress with medium firm tension is soft enough to provide cushioning to the hip and shoulder whilst side sleeping yet is also of adequate firmness to support your spine whilst front and back sleeping. This mattress type is an excellent choice if you're looking for a mattress that doesn't dictate your sleeping position.

The suitability of small double mattresses

A small double mattress, commonly referred to as a queen-size mattress, is an excellent alternative to a double mattress if you're actively looking to save space. A small double bed frame and mattress represent a spacious sleeping position for two without compromising your room's available space and are, therefore, the ideal match for smaller bedrooms. A small double bed mattress is also a popular choice among spare rooms, as it allows for greater storage space within the guest room.

What types of mattresses comprise our collection?

Open coil mattresses

Open coil mattresses are considered a budget-friendly option, with their relatively inexpensive manufacturing costs reflected in their price. However, for peace of mind, you can relax knowing that our open coil range is cheap only by price and not quality. The mattresses core comprises high-tensile steel coils resulting in a supportive and even sleeping surface.

Pocket sprung mattresses

Regarding tailored support, our pocket-sprung sleeping solutions represent the perfect small double mattress. Each spring is enclosed within a fabric sleeve and reacts independently to body movements for targeted, pressure-relieving support all night long. Moreover, mattresses with pocket springs are particularly beneficial for anyone sharing a bed as they possess fantastic motion isolation properties meaning your partner's movements throughout the night will be restricted to their side of the bed.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam and pocket-sprung mattresses are similar in that both types offer tailored support; memory foam adapts to the body's contours for unparalleled comfort compared to many other mattress types.

Gel foam mattresses

Memory foam is deemed unsuitable for those who sleep hot due to the heat retention properties of the foam; therefore, if you're looking for a cooler alternative to memory foam that provides the same standard of body moulding support, gel foam is the perfect choice. Gel foam mattresses are incredibly breathable and are recognised for their fantastic temperature-regulating properties.

Latex mattresses

Our latex range comprises natural options, consisting of sap derived from rubber trees or synthetic latex. Latex is similar to memory foam yet possesses a 'bouncier feel' as opposed to the 'sinking feeling' that defines memory foam options. Moreover, the elasticity of latex culminates in increased air circulation, ensuring you remain cool throughout the night and leaving you feeling refreshed every morning.

Natural mattresses

Regarding fillings, mattresses fall into synthetic and natural fillings. Natural fillings, commonly wool and cotton, provide sumptuous comfort and support and the capability to wick away moisture for a cool and dry night's rest.

What brands comprise our collection?

An array of premium and reputable brands complete our collection, including Silentnight, Relyon and British Bed Company. For the best small double mattress collection, you can rely on Mattressman and our extensive range.

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