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What types of mattress are in the children's range?

Pocket sprung mattresses

A pocket spring mattress is a go-to mattress for kids due to the unparalleled support and comfort it offers. Pocket springs are individually cased in their own fabric pocket and move independently of one another, allowing for the mattress surface to conform to their body shape. Overall, this promotes healthy spine alignment, even weight distribution and pressure relief, properties that are needed for growing kids. To view the pocket sprung mattress kids collection, you can filter the mattresses by type at the top of the page.

Open coil mattresses

By comparison to a pocket spring mattress, open coil options tend to be more affordable. They are some of the best mattresses for kids as they don't require huge amounts of support because they're much lighter than adults. The brands we stock produce brilliant open coil mattresses for children that are entirely adequate to support your child.

Features of children's mattresses

No memory foam

Whilst there are a few children's mattresses with memory foam, most of our options do not include the material. Memory foam goes through several chemical processes in order to achieve its body-moulding properties, which is why many of the brands that produce children's mattresses emphasise that their sleeping solutions are 100% foam-free, and therefore free from VOC harmful chemicals. Whilst memory foam mattresses can provide a good night's sleep for older children, small kids and infants can be sensitive to some of the characteristics of a memory foam mattress. Therefore, we recommend opting for a chemical-free option as the best mattress for small kids.

Hypoallergenic fillings

Hypoallergenic fillings are great for children that are dust mite allergy sufferers. The fibre pore sizes of polyester fillings are small, which makes it hard for dust mites to pass through the mattress and build up over time. Unlike natural fillings often found in adult mattresses, they create a sleeping environment where dust mites can easily reside. All of the kids mattresses in our range include hypoallergenic fillings for a much healthier place to snooze.


Several of our options have incorporated waterproof covers into their designs. Whether your child has spilt a drink or had an accident, you don't need to worry about the internal fillings or spring system being damaged as a result thanks to the waterproof cover. If you opt for a mattress without a waterproof element, there are many suitable mattress protector brands that do the same job.

Support tensions

Each child sleeps differently, so considering their preferred sleeping position when searching for the perfect mattress for them is paramount. Generally, children weigh much less than adults so the spring tension doesn't need to be as firm in order to support their body weight, and promote spinal alignment and pressure relief. Our kids mattress range includes medium, medium firm and firm mattress support tensions, so you can opt for one that is most appropriate for your children.

Great for bunk beds

Typically, bunk bed mattresses don't exceed the depth of 20cm, which means almost entirely all of our mattresses for children are compatible with bunk beds. If you already own a bunk bed or are purchasing a new one, please refer to the specification to ensure the mattresses you purchase are suitable for the bed frame.

What sizes of kid's mattresses do we stock?

We include a mattress size appropriate for all child bed frames such as a bunk bed or cabin beds in our range. From a single mattress (90 x 190cm), a small double (120 x 190cm) and a double (135 x 190cm), you can be sure to find the right one for your little sleepers. What's more, we also showcase a collection of cot bed mattress options which can be viewed here.

What brands showcase a children's mattress range?

At Mattressman, we feature a range of brands that have produced their own kid's mattresses collections. JAY-BE has designed and produced three dedicated ranges for kids named CoreKids, Simply Kids and the Toddler collection, offering a wide selection of affordable options to choose from. Silentnight also showcases a kid's mattress collection featuring a range of beneficial properties for children to get the best night's sleep. Lastly, we stock mattresses appropriate for children from Snuggle Beds, an affordable mattress brand that's exclusive to Mattressman.