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Memory Foam Mattresses

One of the most comfortable and supportive mattress types out there, it’s no wonder memory foam mattresses are so popular! Memory foam moulds to your body to support you in your natural sleeping position throughout the night. Our memory foam mattress range includes both 100% foam mattresses and spring combinations to allow you to pick the best option, and our usual great prices mean that you can experience memory foam without breaking the bank!

Originally developed by NASA in the 60s, memory foam has been put to a whole host of different uses over the years, and its incredible moulding properties make it ideal for use in mattresses. Memory foam mattresses have become much more widely available in recent years, so now everyone can have the chance to improve their night’s sleep with this wonderful and innovative material, especially with our fantastic low prices.

Here at Mattressman, your options are endless when it comes to memory foam. Reflex foam is a popular base for memory foam mattresses, as it has similar properties, moulding to your body for outstanding support and comfort. An entirely foam mattress has the benefit of being extremely quiet, ensuring that you have a peaceful night’s sleep. The lower cost of reflex foam also helps us to keep our prices down, so you’ll find lots of budget memory foam mattress options that offer fantastic value for money.

Some of our reflex foam based mattresses come rolled up and vacuum-packed, making it easier to navigate any steep staircases and narrow doorways! Once you’ve taken your new memory foam mattress to your room of choice and unrolled it, don’t worry if it’s looking a little flat — you’ll need to give it up to 24 hours to fully inflate.

Reflex foam isn’t the only base available — memory foam mattresses with pocket sprung bases are becoming increasingly popular, combining two of the smartest innovations in mattress manufacture to help you sleep soundly. Pocket springs move individually and only in response to direct pressure. This means that they work in a similar way to memory foam, moulding to your body to support you in your natural sleeping position, whether you prefer to sleep on your back, side, front, or a combination. Pocket springs and memory foam work together to give additional support in the areas that you most need it, such as your hips and shoulders. They’re also a great way to prevent the buildup of uncomfortable pressure points and to relieve aching joints.

You’ll see one of the other terrific benefits of memory foam mattresses if you share your bed with a partner: memory foam moulds to your individual contours, making it ideal for partners of different weights, and also absorbs movement, meaning that you can move about and even get out of bed during the night without your partner being able to feel it. And, of course, the personalised level of support that memory foam offers means that you’re much less likely to feel restless during the night in the first place! We’re lucky to be able to work with lots of brilliant manufacturers to put together our memory foam mattress range, including well-loved brands such as Silentnight, Hypnos and Sealy. Each manufacturer has something unique to offer when it comes to memory foam mattresses. For example, why not try out a Silentnight memory foam mattress, which uses “zones” to give extra support where you need it, or Sealy’s memory foam mattresses, which use their own Posturepedic spring system that’s specially designed for superior back care?

Our memory foam mattresses are available in all standard sizes, so you can pick the best option for your space and personal needs. Single and small single memory foam mattresses are ideal for growing kids; our double memory foam mattress range, as the most popular mattress size, offers you fantastic variety; king size and super king size memory foam mattresses are perfect if you want a truly luxurious night’s sleep, with all the benefits of memory foam and plenty of room to spread out. You’ll never be woken by a fidgety partner again! You can also check out our special sizes page if you’re looking for a custom size memory foam mattress.

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