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What's elastic gel air-permeable foam?

Get too hot when you sleep? You'll be happy to learn about the innovative sleeping comfort material, Geltex. It consists of the pioneering combination of air-permeable foam and extremely elastic gel; a Geltex mattress provides unparalleled temperature regulation. Our Geltex collection has incorporated this intelligent material across many beds, ensuring increased breathability and temperature regulation.

How does it differ from memory foam?

Memory foam is generally a popular mattress type thanks to its ability to move to the contours of your body, providing incredible support, pressure relief and comfort. Memory foam is constructed from a material with millions of little holes, so the mattress surface seeps out air when you lay down or apply pressure. When memory foam is compressed, there is minimal airflow or breathability, which causes the mattress to retain your body heat very well. For hot sleepers, this is a common complaint.

Geltex mattresses are made from air-permeable foam, which is inherently breathable, allowing for cool airflow throughout the night. Moreover, Geltex responds similarly to memory foam, supporting proper spinal alignment, easy movement and healthy sleep.

Is Geltex a component of a hybrid mattress?

Yes, Geltex is not a material that is used by itself. Often combined with pocket springs or an open coil spring system, Geltex is the top gel foam comfort layer that will keep you cool all night. A hybrid mattress with pocket springs can provide optimal body support and promote healthy spinal alignment when combined with pocket springs. Additionally, it will evenly distribute your body weight, ensure minimal motion transfer, and keep your temperature regulated all night long. All of these properties contribute to the perfect night's sleep.

What sizes and mattress firmnesses are available?

Our Geltex mattress range features various sizes and mattress firmnesses, so you can be sure to find the sleeping solution that is right for you. Our Geltex mattresses are available in most standard sizes: single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), king size mattress (150 x 200cm), super king mattress (180 x 200cm), king size zip and link (150 x 200cm/2x 75 x 200cm) and super king zip and link (180 x 200/2x 90 x 200cm). Mattressman's range of Geltex mattresses includes soft, medium, medium firm and firmer mattress firmnesses, so there's something for everyone.

What are the benefits of Geltex mattresses?

There are many benefits to this new material, many of which combat or improve memory foam issues. Please continue to read below to discover the benefits of Geltex mattresses...

Temperature regulation

As briefly mentioned, Geltex mattresses provide an innovative combination of breathable air-permeable foam and elastic gel. Contributing to a cooler night's sleep, you'll wake up feeling ready to go thanks to the comfort layers incorporated in this mattress range.

Optimal body support

Geltex includes Active Response technology, meaning the sleep surface will respond to your movements throughout the night. Ensuring the mattress moulds to your body is crucial in providing undisturbed sleep every night, which is precisely what the Geltex range does.

Perfect pressure relief and even body weight distribution

Do you suffer from aches or pains? Your current mattress needs to provide the pressure relief and weight distribution you need. With the Geltex collection, you can rely on the comfort layers moving in congruence with your movements, contributing to even weight distribution all night long. What's more, sleeping on the correct mattress tension for you, in addition to the comfort of Geltex, your pressure points will receive ample support to alleviate aches or pains. These include your back, shoulders, hips, knees, and other joints.

Why purchase at Mattressman?

Here at Mattressman, we often hold exclusive discounts, which means you can get your Geltex mattress for a great price. Order an in-stock item before 4pm, and you can receive your delivery as soon as possible. Thanks to our speedy, free delivery services, you could be on your way to superb sleep in no time.

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