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What sizes of Dunlopillo mattresses do we stock?

Dunlopillo produces mattresses in almost all standard sizes, excluding zip and link options. Amongst their range, you'll be able to find: small single (75 x 190cm), single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), king size (150 x 200cm) and super king size (180 x 200cm).

Who makes the best latex mattresses?

A leading manufacturer in creating premium quality latex foam mattresses, Dunlopillo provides a great night's sleep helping you feel refreshed for many years. Their signature range includes natural latex, one of the most durable materials used across all mattresses, with longevity lasting over 10 years. Often compared to memory foam, Dunlopillo mattresses have a bouncier feel that is a lot more breathable overall. The latex core allows for airflow, unlike memory foam, which has strong heat retention properties. Moreover, natural latex has anti-bacterial properties, making them a fantastic option for anyone affected by dust mite allergies or hay fever. Lastly, despite the breathable nature of Dunlopillo mattresses, the structure doesn't allow for the build-up of dust mites or allergens.

Ethically sourced and environmentally-conscious latex mattresses

Dunlopillo sustainably manages its rubber tree plantations, one of the main benefits of purchasing a Dunlopillo mattress compared to other mattresses. For a single Dunlopillo mattress alone, the amount of latex needed takes a rubber tree 500 days to produce, at around 27ml of latex a day. While it takes a long time for rubber trees to make enough latex for Dunlopillo mattresses, these trees purify 90 million tonnes of carbon dioxide simultaneously. We can rest easy knowing a latex mattress is more environmentally-friendly than most.

What is the right mattress firmness for me?

Finding the right mattress firmness for you depends on your preferred sleeping position. Luckily, Dunlopillo mattresses include an option for every preferred sleeping position, so you can be sure to find the option right for you here...

Softer or medium support

If you prefer to sleep on your side, a soft or medium Dunlopillo mattress is best designed for you. Soft or medium support is needed to promote healthy spine alignment, cushioning your pressure points, such as the shoulders and hips, when sleeping on your side.

Medium firm tension

The Dunlopillo range also includes various medium firm options, which we recommend to people who sleep in all positions: stomach, side and back. This is because the mattress surface is firm and soft enough to adequately support you in every sleeping position. Dunlopillo mattresses that we stock with a medium firm tension are hybrid options: combining pocket springs with Dunlopillo latex to provide ultimate support and comfort.

Firmer support

Dunlopillo has produced a range of latex mattresses with firmer support tension. Designed for anyone who prefers to sleep on their back or stomach, a firmer tension promotes a healthy spinal position whilst you sleep. Browse the firmer Dunlopillo mattresses to find the perfect one for you today.

More about the Dunlopillo latex mattress...

Dunlopillo mattresses are certainly a premium or luxury choice. Their pure latex mattresses have a higher price point because they are almost entirely comprised of natural latex. As mentioned, this takes longer to produce but will last you much longer than other mattresses. Their other hybrid latex mattresses are more affordable as they are combined with a pocket sprung unit. Dunlopillo is also known for producing adjustable beds and Dunlopillo divan beds too. Whichever option you think you're best suited to, we're confident you will get a perfect night's sleep where your body weight is supported correctly.

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