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Who does The British Bed Company Contract mattresses cater for?

As mentioned above, our British Bed Company Contract Mattresses range is a more niche offering than the rest of our British Bed Company mattresses. Our contract range is designed and manufactured with landlords, leisure parks, hotels and other such corporations in mind.

What are the advantages of The British Bed Company Contract mattress range?

We firmly believe that a mattress shouldn't merely represent comfort and quality, it should offer incentives and benefits, and with this in mind, we provide a whole host of benefits with our contract range.


Our range varies in price, meaning our trade mattresses are tailorable to your budget. Browse our collection of contract mattresses that represent superb quality and value for money.

Source 5 Standards

Our contract ranges include the Landlord, Leisure and Hotel Pocket, which are exclusively available at Mattressman and meet Source 5 flammability standards.

Nationwide delivery

Here at Mattressman, we pride ourselves on our efficient and affordable delivery process and offer our customers free next-working-day delivery anywhere in the UK mainland. For further information, view our delivery page.

Sustainable measures

Taking proactive measures to preserve planet Earth is something that we are passionate about at Mattressman, and this is reflected in our disposal service; we can responsibly and safely dispose of your old bed or mattress in conjunction with the delivery of your replacement orders.

Industry Recognition

The success of our contract mattresses has seen Mattressman recognised as members of the NLA, alluding to the fantastic relationship forged between landlords and Mattressman. Moreover, with over 20,000 contract customers in the UK, Mattressman are one of the largest suppliers of beds and mattresses for private landlords, universities, boarding schools, leisure parks and hotels.

What size are British Bed Company trade mattresses available in?

Our trade mattresses consist of small single, single, small double and double, offering fantastic flexibility, meaning you can tailor your mattress to the requirements of your establishment. What's more, Mattressman offers bespoke sizing, which benefits unconventional rooms or properties such as nooks and caravans.

What different tensions are British Bed Company trade mattresses available in?


A medium mattress is ideally suited for side sleepers as the medium tension can cushion the hip and shoulder and promote healthy spine alignment.

Medium firm

A medium firm mattress is considered an 'all-rounder' because it can accommodate various sleeping positions. The medium fir tension is soft enough to adequately cushion the hip and shoulder whilst sleeping on the side whilst being firm enough to support the back whilst front and back sleeping.


A firm mattress is designed solely for front, or back sleepers, with the firmer tension ensuring the spine is adequately supported and evenly distributing body weight.

What are the different types of British Bed Company contract mattresses?

Open coil

Open coil mattresses are renowned for representing good value for money, even more so than other mattresses; their relatively inexpensive manufacturing costs are often reflected in their prices. However, the quality of open coil mattresses remains uncompromised, with the open coil base providing a reassuringly even sleeping surface.

Memory foam

Our British Bed Company memory foam mattresses consist of open coil or pocket sprung bases underneath a thin layer of memory foam. The memory foam adapts to the contours of your body whilst you sleep and therefore provides targeted relief to ensure optimal support and comfort.

Pocket sprung

A pocket sprung mattress consists of springs enclosed in individual fabric pockets reacting to the body's movements for tailored, body moulding support.

Fibre fillings

Most mattresses with polyester fillings are relied upon to combat allergies; polyester is renowned for its hypoallergenic properties and is often seen as the best mattress for allergy sufferers.

Natural fillings

Natural fillings in a mattress are considered a luxurious and premium option, providing optimal comfort, among other benefits. The Hotel Four Pocket Mattress features cotton fillings in the contract range, as does the Hotel Rest Deluxe from the British Bed Company. Cotton is renowned for its temperature-regulating properties and ability to wick away moisture to ensure a fresh and dry sleeping surface.

How can I find out more about The British Bed Company Contract Range?

For further information regarding The British Bed Company Contract mattresses, contact us today by phone at 0800 5677625 or email us at tradesales@mattressman.co.uk for impartial and friendly advice.

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