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About Arthur Sleep mattresses

A new and exclusive brand to Mattressman, Arthur Sleep are the manufacturers that bring convenience, comfort and low maintenance to your mattress purchasing experience. Arthur Sleep aims to provide sumptuous sleep for all sleepers, as their new mattress range is designed to bring support and comfort to your sleeping environment. Read more about the Arthur Sleep range and its brilliant qualities below.

What's included in the Arthur mattress range?

Arthur Sleep is the master of fusing two mattress types together, typically pocket springs and memory foam. Moreover, they include an array of super-convenient qualities for a simple mattress delivery. Arthur Sleep's attention to these details ensures you will receive unparalleled sleep for a fantastic price with minimal hassle. Please continue to read below to discover what Arthur Sleep has to offer. 

Pocket sprung and memory foam hybrids

Arthur Sleep has combined pocket springs and memory foam layers to create the ultimate hybrid mattress. Pocket sprung units include many individually moving springs encased in their fabric pockets, ensuring the mattress surface adapts to your body shape and position. This means you will receive fantastic support to pressure points and soft body-moulding comfort. Additionally, pocket springs have zero motion transfer across the surface because they move independently. This minimises partner disturbance as you won't feel movement from your partner at night.

Memory foam is combined with the pocket sprung support system, bringing further comfort to your sleeping environment. The material comprises millions of tiny holes that seep out air when pressure is applied, allowing the mattress surface to accentuate the support provided by the pocket springs. Memory foam has strong heat retention and minimal airflow, making you feel toasty all night long. We recommend you opt for a mattress with an open cell structure designed with breathability and cooling properties in mind for those hot sleepers.

What support firmnesses are offered by Arthur Sleep?

Arthur Sleep mattresses come in either medium or medium firm mattress support. Medium firmness is excellent for side sleepers as the mattress surface is soft enough to cushion the shoulders and hips, promoting healthy spine alignment. Alternatively, medium firm support is a versatile option for people who sleep in various positions throughout the night. This is because the mattress is soft and firm enough to support your body in whatever position you're in.

What are vacuum-packed mattresses?

All Arthur mattresses are rolled and vacuum-packed for a super convenient delivery process. Condensing the bed makes the weight feel lighter, and it's easier to manoeuvre to your bedroom of choice. When unpackaging the sleeping solution, ensure it's on the bed frame you want, cut away the packaging and leave it to return to its original shape.

What are the benefits of Arthur Sleep mattresses?

Arthur Sleep has ensured that looking after your mattress is super easy, too, as each bed is one-side and no-turn. This means you don't have to worry about flipping it over every few months to maintain its longevity; rotate instead.

Arthur Sleep uses 100% hypoallergenic materials across their mattresses, which is fantastic for people who suffer from dust mite allergies. The mattress covers may feel as soft as wool or cashmere, but they're made from polyester. Arthur Sleep ensures they're made to feel super-sumptuous thanks to the quilting techniques used across their mattress surfaces.

Why shop with Mattressman?

Arthur Sleep is exclusive to Mattressman, and you won't be able to find these brilliant mattresses at any other sleep retailer. Mattressman ensures shopping with us is a simple and smooth process, thanks to our free next-day delivery and mattress recycling services. We can deliver as soon as the next working day when the item is in-stock and ordered before 4pm, and we can remove your old mattress when we deliver your new one. Not only does this make your bed purchase much more straightforward, but we will also recycle all the mattress components. You can rest easy knowing your old bed is repurposed in an environmentally-friendly manner.

What's more, you don't need to create an account with Mattressman. Please browse our website, add whatever quantity of mattresses, bed frames, or furnishings to your basket and go to checkout. If your item is out of stock, our customer services team will contact you to book convenient delivery.

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