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We spend a third of our lives in bed, so it is hugely important that you find the right mattress. Mattressman specialise in offering the right product for everyone, with a range of mattresses in all sizes and budgets. We know it is easy for us to talk about mattresses, but we also know it can seem a bit confusing when trying to find which product to buy. There are lots of things to consider, such as price, quality and value for money, but we are here to help. Our range covers all bases, and with 1000's in stock, you may find you can have your dream sleep for less than you think. Mattresses come in 4 types of construction; open coil, pocket sprung, memory foam and latex, each offering different pros and cons. Open coil offers excellent value for money, and is suitable for children's beds and guest beds. Whilst there are open coil units suitable for daily use, we would recommend that customers start with pocket springs, if it is for personal use. Pocket sprung mattresses offer outstanding individual support, as a result of each spring being in its own encased pocket. This also combats a common problem for couples, where roll-together occurs as a result of the support being offered. More expensive varieties will have more sumptuous fillings, with items like silk and cashmere making your nights sleep truly luxurious. We also stock Memory Foam and Latex varieties. Memory foam was originally developed my NASA in the 1960's, and has grown in popularity ever since. Moulding to your body, many regard memory foam as the best way to get 'all over support’. Some models actually come with memory foam tops and pocket spring bases, giving that softer feel on top but the support of springs underneath - a dream combination. If you want an extensive explanation on all things mattress, then have a browse through our buying guide or give one of our sleep experts a call.