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Why should I consider a white kids' beds?

With its neutral hue, white is a versatile colour that can seamlessly fit into any bedroom. A white kids' bed is convenient for a child's bedroom as the bed is likely to work in tandem with different bedroom designs and colour schemes as the child ages. Additionally, white has connotations of purity and cleanliness, which you'd commonly associate with a kid's bedroom.

What variety of white children's beds does Mattressman stock?

Regarding kids' beds, it isn't a case of one size fits all. Depending on whether you require a bed for more than one child, the size of your child's bedroom and other circumstances, it's essential that you can view a range of different children's beds to find the bed for your little ones and provide the platform for a relaxing bedtime. Our wide variety of kids' single beds will cover your every need.

Cot beds

Before your little one transitions to a toddler bed, they'll likely make use of a cot bed. With a sleek, stone-white finish accompanying a robust structure, your little ones' bedtime is taken care of with our stunning cot beds.

Children's single beds

Our range of sturdy and reliable kids' single beds features a slight and understated structure that adds an adorable finish to any kids' bedroom.

Cabin beds

A cabin bed is similar in design and style to a kids' single bed but with the additional benefit of integrated drawers underneath the bed for storage purposes, allowing for a minimalist space. What's brilliant about our cabin bed collection is that the entire range features furnishings placed low to the ground to ensure optimal safety but with the added benefit of ample storage space to utilise.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are the perfect solution for a pair of siblings sharing the same bedroom. With a sleek, white style designed to stand the test of time, they are the perfect accessory for your children's bedroom. Bunk beds are also ideal for sleepovers and can provide the basis for hours of fun.

Mid sleepers

A mid sleeper bed is a raised bed accessible via a ladder or a step, designed to bridge the gap between a single bed and a high sleeper. Mid sleepers offer the fun and flexibility of a high sleeper whilst still providing a safe place to sleep for younger children. In addition, the space underneath the bed provides ample storage facilities offering a space saving solution.

High sleepers

A high sleeper bed is similar to a mid sleeper except that the bed is positioned higher to the ceiling than a mid sleeper. The generous space underneath the bed can accommodate ample bedroom storage.

Triple sleepers

Similar in functionality to a bunk bed in the sense that triple sleepers accommodate more than one child within a single structure, a triple sleeper is a highly versatile bed. With the capacity to sleep three children, two on the bottom bunk in the double bed and one child above on a single bed, triple sleeper beds are ideal for a trio of siblings. Triple sleepers can also be utilised for a pair of siblings, with the younger of the two sleeping on the single bed and the older child having the luxury of the double bed.

What brands of white children's beds does Mattressman stock?

Here at Mattressman, we only stock the highest quality kids' beds, so you can rest easy knowing that your child's new, sleek white bed is of the highest quality. Our wide range of kids' beds includes Julian Bowen, Birlea and Heartlands, among many other trusted, reliable brands.

How tall are white kids' beds?

Our range of white kids' beds varies in height, from our cabin beds at 36cm to our high sleepers bed with a maximum height of 177cm. The dimensions of our beds are included in the individual product descriptions. With such a wide array of options, your kid's new bed is just around the corner.

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