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What is a high sleeper bed?

Visualise high sleepers as bunk beds that sleep one; however, instead of a bottom bunk, they feature a spacious open area or integrated storage. High sleepers, commonly called loft beds, are considered more practical alternatives to cabin beds.

Are a loft bed and a high sleeper the same?

Yes, children's high sleeper beds and loft beds are the same, with the only difference being their titles.

What is the appeal of a high sleeper bed?

For an impressionable child whose imagination seemingly knows no bounds, the prospect of sleeping on a raised bed is exciting; this outlines one of the many appeals of a high sleeper or the top bunk of a bunk bed. However, a bunk bed isn't a viable option for children who don't share a bedroom; therefore, a high sleeper's design and structure provide a fantastic alternative.

Integrated storage options

Any parent out there is likely to resonate with the difficulty of ensuring their child's bedroom remains tidy at all times; from toys and books to play dens and more, it can be rather challenging to maintain a clutter-free bedroom. However, the appeal of a high sleeper is that the integrated storage facilities occupy the space which a standard single bed would occupy. Therefore your children's favourite toys and ornaments remain accessible without always occupying valuable floor space. With kids' high sleeper beds, the prospect of more floor space in your child's bedroom soon becomes a reality.

Is a kid's high sleeper suitable for my child?

Consider the age of your child

Due to the elevated sleeping surface, it's essential to assess your child's age in relation to their new bed and conclude whether a cabin bed or a mid sleeper is better suited. As a general rule of thumb, high sleepers are suitable for children aged between six and sixteen. Mid sleepers are similar to high sleepers but, as the name suggests, feature a raised sleeping surface closer to the ground than a high sleeper. In contrast, cabin beds resemble standard single bed structures. What's fantastic about our kids' beds is that the vast majority of our range features built-in furniture, allowing younger children and teenagers to store their belongings.

Opt for a gaming bed

If your child is a gaming enthusiast, they'll be sure to love our collection of high sleeper gaming beds. These beds feature ample space for consoles and gaming accessories and a spacious display area to showcase a television or monitor. Enhance your child's room and gaming sessions and provide them with the perfect bed to game in style.

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