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Why should I buy a grey kids' bed?

With a neutral hue, grey is renowned for its versatility and can seamlessly match any colour scheme and fit into almost any kids' bedroom. Grey children's beds are beneficial as they are guaranteed to match various bedroom aesthetics that change as your kid grows older. In addition, grey is considered calm and soothing and is the ideal colour for a kids' bedroom as it helps create a tranquil atmosphere.

What are grey children's beds made from?

Wooden kids' beds

A wooden kids' bed encompasses a traditional and classic style that has been prominent in homes across the country for several years.

Metal kids' beds

A sleek and stylish metal bed seamlessly fits into any contemporary bedroom.

What variety of kids' beds does Mattressman stock in grey?

When searching for your perfect kids' bed, there is a whole range of criteria to consider. Depending on the size of the room, your storage requirements and whether you're looking for a bed to accommodate one, two or three children, there are many factors to consider before purchasing a kids' bed. Here at Mattressman, we have a range of beds to ensure your little one has a peaceful bedtime experience. All of our grey children's beds are of European single kids' beds' size.

Single beds

Understated and cute in their design, our grey kids' single beds range is a glamorous addition to any child's bedroom.

Cabin beds

Cabin beds adopt a similar shape to single beds but benefit from integrated drawers underneath the bed to store toys and other bedroom essentials. As a result, cabin beds are particularly beneficial for smaller rooms with limited floor space or storage facilities.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are a popular sleeping solution for two children who share the same room. Our grey bunk beds are robust and durable in their structure and sleek and stylish design.

Mid sleeper beds

A mid sleeper bed is a raised bed that is accessible via a ladder or set of steps, it's similar in shape to a bunk bed, but unlike a bunk bed, where a bed occupies the bottom bunk, with mid sleepers, the ground floor area can be utilised for storage.

High sleeper beds

A high sleeper, like the mid sleeper, is a raised bed accessible via a step or adder with ample storage space available on the floor beneath the bed; however, a high sleeper is taller and closer to the ceiling than a mid sleeper bed.

Triple sleeper beds

Triple sleeper beds are similar to bunk beds in design, with the additional benefit of accommodating a third child. Triple sleepers can also be utilised for a pair of siblings, with the younger of the two sleeping on the single bed and the older child having the luxury of the double bed.

What brands of grey children's beds does Mattressman stock?

Here at Mattressman, we only stock the highest quality kids' beds, so you can rest easy knowing that your child's new, sleek grey bed is of the highest quality. Our wide range of kids' beds includes Julian Bowen, Birlea and Heartlands, among many other trusted, reliable brands.

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