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Should I consider a bunk bed?

Consider the bedroom's requirements

As obvious as it may sound, there is little point in a bunk bed featuring in a bedroom occupied by a single child. While bunk beds could be a viable option as a permanent fixture for guest rooms, they tend to feature in children's bedrooms.

Assess whether a bunk bed is a necessity for a shared bedroom

If your children share a large bedroom, you may find yourself with the luxury of choosing whether to opt for two single beds or a bunk bed.

The age of your children is an important determiner

Whilst this is somewhat open for interpretation, generally speaking, bunk beds are designed for children between four and sixteen, whilst the top bunk should only be utilised by children over six.

What does our collection consist of?

Wooden beds

Depending on whether the bed embodies a painted or natural finish, a wooden bed is ideally suited to a traditional or modern bedroom. A wooden bed is tailor-made for traditional rooms courtesy of its rustic and quaint aesthetic. In contrast, a painted finish adds a touch of contemporary style to a material synonymous with classically styled settings. Moreover, wooden beds showcase timeless elegance and are ideal for younger children and teenagers alike.

Metal beds

A metal bed is the perfect addition for any contemporary style-conscious bedroom and showcases a sleek and elegant aesthetic.

Fun and playful beds

If you're looking to add a touch of excitement and character to your child's bedroom, our Safari Bunk Bed collection is the way to go. Your child can live out their wildest fantasies and immerse themselves in a safari lifestyle from the comfort of their bed courtesy of Birlea and their awesome kids' beds.

Solid slatted base

The majority of our Birlea beds feature a solid slatted base with firmer support allowing air to circulate beneath the mattress and work in conjunction with the mattress to provide a supportive and comfortable night's rest. Consider a solid slatted base for firmer support and ensure your little one's night's sleep is supportive and comfortable.

Further information

Further information regarding maximum weight load, maximum mattress height and the bed's dimensions is available in our product descriptions.

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