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Why should I choose a black kids' bed?

A black bed provides a delicate balance between a bold and daring aesthetic that doesn't overpower the room. Black is synonymous with style and elegance and is a common backdrop for a range of bedroom furniture varying from toddler beds and cabin beds to adult beds. With black providing the backdrop to many a room and bed for people of all different ages, you can rest easy in the knowledge that our black children's beds will suit a variety of different aesthetics as your child grows older.

What variety of black children's beds are available?

Themed and novelty beds

A themed bed reimagines the concept of bedtime, so often it can prove challenging to convince your child to sleep at a reasonable hour; a themed bed combats this with a quirky, interesting and exciting bed frame design that functions as a place to play and hangout, consequently encouraging early bedtimes.

What themed black kids' beds does Mattressman feature?

Mattressman features LPD Furniture's stunning and adorable wooden Hickory kids' bed. Sleek, stylish and modern wooden kids' beds represent timeless and classic bedroom furniture. The wooden bed frame resembles a miniature home replica and encourages children to use their initiative and let their imagination run wild; offer your child an insight into independent living from the safety and comfort of their bedroom. Moreover, the bed is suitable for children of all ages, so if it's a toddler bed or a children's single bed you're looking for, consider the stylish Hickory kids' bed.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds have been a mainstay in children's bedrooms for years such as the versatility and practicality they offer. They are particularly useful for a pair of siblings sharing a small room as a bunk bed is essentially two beds possessing the width of a single bed, freeing up space. With a range of durable and sleek black metal bed frames, Mattressman features your child's dream bunk bed.

Contrary to popular opinion that bunk beds sleep two children, or in the case of a triple sleeper: three children, a bunk bed is also beneficial for a single child. With a child occupying the top bunk, the space underneath on the bottom can be utilised to store toys and other bedroom essentials away, similar to that of an ottoman storage bed with drawers underneath.

Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed

A triple sleeper bunk bed is a variation of the traditional bunk bed, and whilst resembling the same structure, a triple sleeper accommodates three children with two children sleeping on a double mattress on the bottom bunk and the other child sleeping on the top bunk. With this in mind, a triple sleeper is the ideal children's bed for a trio of siblings sharing a bedroom. However, a triple sleeper is also useful for a pair of siblings; if the older of the two is looking to venture away from kids' single beds, they can make use of the double bed on the bottom bunk. As opposed to buying three separate kids' beds for the room and occupying valuable floor space, a triple sleeper is a fantastic space-saving solution.

Are mid sleepers and high sleeper beds considered bunk beds?

Although mid sleepers and high sleepers resemble a similar structure to that of a bunk bed, in place of the bottom bunk, a mid and high sleeper bed features storage facilities; therefore, these beds only accommodate a single child and aren't considered to be a bunk bed.

Free delivery

All of our children's beds, provided the item is in stock, qualify for free-next-working-day delivery (08.00 am - 06.00 pm). Courtesy of our super speedy delivery process, your little one's new bed is within easy reach.

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