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Choosing what material you want is the first big decision. Metal Headboards can be either traditional and ornate or sleek and modern. Wood is usually reserved for more elaborate and dressy headboards, but a simply designed wooden headboard can actually create a fantastic backdrop with its natural tones and colours. Leather is rather contemporary and is often used on plush, low frames. You can replicate this look with one of our leather headboards. Naturally this is a bit of a generalisation; each material can be broken down into sub-categories to find exactly what you’re looking for. Faux leather headboards, for instance, are less expensive than real leather and can be manufactured in various colours. Natural leather is stronger, more durable and has an unrivalled texture, but it can come at a price. Similarly, there are various different types of wood to choose from. Pine is the most popular as it can embody many different shades and tones. It is also highly natural and flaunts its knots and blemishes creating a fantastic constellation. Choosing a headboard with slats presents a further choice – horizontal or vertical? Vertical slats create the illusion of height whereas horizontal ones present width. With a host of the best bed frame and headboard manufacturers to choose from, there is certain to be something to catch your eye.