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What is a king size fabric bed?

Regarding size, a fabric king size bed is larger than a double bed and is regarded as a spacious bed frame. Fabric beds, often referred to as upholstered beds, solely feature a fabric finish.

Should I consider a king size fabric bed?

Consider size

When pondering the purchase of a king size bed, it's important to consider whether your bedroom is compatible with the sheer size of a king size bed frame and whether you require the additional space that a king size bed frame offers in comparison to a double bed. If space is at a premium, a king size bed may overpower the room and restrict the space you have available for furnishings. Conversely, if your bedroom is of ample size, you may find yourself with the luxury of choosing between a double and a king size fabric bed frame.

What is the appeal of king size upholstered beds?

Aside from the fantastic space that accompanies king size beds, upholstered beds are regarded as stylish and comfortable in equal measure.


Broadly speaking, upholstered beds either fall into the category of contemporary or traditional furnishings.


Fabric bed frames are often synonymous with modern bedrooms. So whether you're looking for a bold, statement piece with a vibrant colour or a neutral bed frame showcasing a more subtle style, our range has you covered.


Whilst traditionally-styled bedrooms are more likely to feature a quaint wooden bed or an opulent metal bed frame, we feature a range of fabric beds that seamlessly integrate into traditionally-styled bedrooms. Fabric beds are compatible with traditionally-styled bedrooms and are defined by glamorous, understated finishes, timeless elegance and luxurious detailing.


With a fabric bed, you're surrounded by sumptuous and incredibly soft fabric, thus culminating in a truly cosy bed frame. Moreover, a fabric bed frame often serves as a makeshift seat allowing you to sit comfortably in bed.

What other features showcase the appeal f our collection?

Storage options

Either in the form of ottoman storage or integrated storage drawers, a selection of our beds represents multi-functional furnishings. For example, ottoman beds feature a lift function that seamlessly lifts the bed frame to reveal ample storage space underneath the bed. Similarly, beds with integrated drawers provide a more convenient central location to store bedding and other like-minded belongings. So if you're restricted by available space or simply looking for more accessible storage facilities, a storage or ottoman bed could prove a valuable purchase.

Elegant headboards

The headboard's style is integral to the appeal of the bed frame. As the bed frame is likely to be the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom and serve as the focal point, the headboard must embody the room's desired style and aesthetic. The opportunities to style and decorate a fabric headboard are seemingly endless, showcased by our varied headboard designs accompanying our fabric beds.

Buttoned headboards

Our collection of buttoned headboards draws inspiration from Chesterfield furnishings and features deep, ample buttoning throughout the headboard. Buttoned headboards contribute towards a bed frame that exudes glamour and luxury.

Winged headboards

Arguably a winged headboard is the most appropriate style when opting for a luxurious bed frame to showcase your bed as the room's most prominent furnishing. This type of headboard features elegant overarching wings on either side of the headboard.

Curved headboard and footend

A bed with a curved headboard and footend is similar to a winged headboard in that it offers the bed frame an alternative structural element. A bed with a curved headboard and footend is another way in which a statement piece of furniture can be achieved.

The option of a low footend or a high footend

A low footend ensures you aren't restrained to the length of your mattress and also represents the illusion of a larger space by placing less emphasis on the size of the bed. Conversely, a high foot end can contribute towards a grand statement bed frame.

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