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How did the Essential range begin?

The origins of the Essential range emerged from our selection of store-takeaway mattresses, many of which are conveniently vacuum-packed for ease of transfer, attempting to blur the lines between a takeaway dinner and bedroom furniture. Some of our mattresses have unprecedented and quirky titles, such as the Essential Foam Cracker and Memory Chow Mein. So for an enjoyable and inexpensive purchase, take away one of our Essential mattresses (mind the pun). 

What types of mattresses are included within the Essential range?

Here at Mattressman, we are not merely content with stocking any mattress simply because it’s cheap; on the contrary, the Essential range consists of luxurious, durable and quality mattresses at an affordable cost. Read below for an insight into our Essential range and how our mattresses can benefit you.

Open Coil

 An open coil filling is a popular choice for a mattress due to its inexpensive manufacturing costs, which are reflected in the price of the mattresses. Despite the fantastic value for money that open coil mattresses represent, the quality and durability of the mattress are uncompromised. An open coil mattress offers a reassuringly even and comfortable night’s rest as the springs move together to distribute body weight evenly. 


Pocket Spring

 A pocket sprung mattress comprises individual springs enclosed in pockets that react to individual body movements to ensure motion isolation. A pocket sprung mattress provides tailored and targeted support to your body as the pockets mould to the contours of your body. A pocket spring mattress is particularly beneficial for anyone sharing a bed, as any movement from the other person throughout the night won’t impact you. 


Reflex Foam

The Essential range from Mattressman caters for the nation’s foam enthusiasts; as opposed to a spring or coil system, our Foam Crackers and Memory Chow Mein mattresses solely consist of foam fillings to ensure a premium night’s rest. The reflex foam consists of various tiny holes that adapt to your body shape and provide pressured support by bouncing back and reacting against your body. Reflex foam offers a firm feel, is durable and promotes healthy spine alignment.


Fibre Fillings

Fibre fillings cover a wide array of materials incorporated within the mattress; the Essential range consists of plush, comfortable fillings, ensuring you receive the best night’s sleep possible. In addition, fibre fillings are fantastic for hayfever sufferers; white fibre fillings are 100% hypoallergenic polyester, an extremely durable fibre.

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