Industry giants

Operating in a remarkable 20 countries across 4 continents, Emma are sleep experts and one of the UK's best-selling mattress brands.


Testament to the superb quality of an Emma mattress, Emma was recognized as the UK's most-awarded sleep brand in 2019 and 2020, winning the Which? Best Buy award. Moreover, in 2020 the Emma Original mattress came at joint top of Which? 's mattress comparison table with the mattress also ranked first by IndyBest, UK, among many other awards and accreditations. For quality mattresses that always ensure a good night's sleep, you can count on Emma Sleep UK.

Emma Sleep App

Emma sleep doesn't merely pride itself on its range of super Emma mattresses; Emma has incorporated patented technology to create the Emma Up application and ensure better sleep for all users. Emma Up helps you understand what your body & mind need for great sleep and, based on neuroscience, creates a tailored program that fits your life situation and promotes healthy sleeping habits.

Emma Original mattress

Here at Mattressman, we feature the sensational and highly sought-after Emma original mattress. So complement your bed frame with a new all-foam mattress.

Superb foam layers for tailored support and ultimate comfort

This Emma mattress is ideal for foam enthusiasts, void of an open coil system and pocket springs. The all-foam mattress consists of superb layers of foam to provide an unrivalled and premium night's sleep. Unlike an open coil or sprung mattress, an all-foam mattress offers premium and unparalleled comfort and support. For a comfortable mattress that offers all the support you could possibly wish for from a mattress, an Emma mattress is the way to go.

The Halo Memory foam

The layer of halo memory foam in the Emma mattress moulds to your body shape for targeted spinal support and superbly distributes body weight to provide pressure relief. For a state-of-the-art memory foam mattress, consider the Emma Original.

Supportive HRX foam

The supportive HRX foam proceeds the layer of memory foam and ensures zero motion transfer meaning your partner's movements won't impact your night's sleep. Moreover, the supreme foam is also designed and manufactured to hold firm and prevent sag, eluding to the fantastic durability and longevity of the Emma mattress.

Temperature regulating properties

With its tailored body moulding support, memory foam is a premium component of many mattresses. However, memory foam mattresses are often renowned for their heat retention and have been known to leave sleepers hot and bothered throughout the night in the Summer months; the halo memory foam combats this; with their Airgocell, a 3cm layer of foam, and the UltraDry Original Cover, your body will remain cool and dry at an appropriate body temperature, even on the hottest nights. The Airgocell technology regulates temperature by absorbing and evaporating sweat to combat rising temperatures, whereas the Emma UltraDry Original Cover, functioning similarly to mattress toppers, is highly breathable and wicks away moisture for a cool and dry night's sleep.

What mattress tension is this mattress?

All Emma mattresses feature a medium support tension.

Does the Emma Original support all sleeping positions?

Yes, the Emma Original accommodates various sleeping positions. The tension is soft enough to adequately cushion the hip and shoulder whilst sleeping on the side; however, it is firm enough to support the back and spine sufficiently. Therefore, with Emma sleep, a fantastic night's sleep is ensured regardless of your sleep style and position. However, it's worth noting that if you solely sleep on your back and front, a firm mattress may be more suitable; a firm mattress provides more support to keep your spine aligned in a healthy position. Also, sleeping on your stomach places strain on your lower back, so opting for a firm mattress as opposed to an Emma mattress is the best way to provide extra support to your back.

Why should I purchase an Emma mattress from Mattressman?

Here at Mattressman, with every decision we make, we have the customer's interests at the forefront of our minds; with this in mind, there are a whole host of incentives for purchasing an Emma mattress from Mattressman.

100-night sleep trial

Such is the confidence in the quality and durability of Emma mattresses; receive a 100-night sleep trial to evaluate the suitability of your new Emma mattress. The 100-night sleep trial is essentially an elongated Emma mattress review that ensures you can make an informed decision.

10-year manufacturer warranty

In addition to the 100-night sleep trial, Emma Sleep offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty on all Emma mattresses for further peace of mind.

Free delivery

You can receive your new Emma mattress affordably and efficiently with free next-working-day delivery (8.00 am – 6.00 pm) to the UK Mainland (dependent on the delivery area). For a great night's sleep and an efficient delivery service, you can rely on Mattressman.

Disposal service

It can often be awkward and tricky to dispose of your old mattress; sadly, mattresses are often discarded. Mattressman combats this with our disposal service, in which, for a small fee, we can responsibly dispose of your old mattress to make way for your new all foam mattress.