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What is an electric bed?

An electric adjustable bed frame consists of a motorised frame and adjustable tension, allowing you to alter the inline of your sleeping position to receive optimal support. The mattress's incline is controlled via a remote control.

What are the benefits of adjustable beds?

Electric beds, often referred to as mobility beds due to the targeted support they offer, are designed to promote better circulation and posture and help relieve aches and pains. As well as our king size bed options, we also feature super king size electric beds and a range of custom sizes.

Storage options

As mentioned above, you can customise your bed and choose from various storage options, paving the way for a tidy and organised bedroom.

Should I consider a king size adjustable bed?

Due to their fantastic support offerings, there's no getting away from the fact that adjustable beds are pricier than many other beds or mattresses. If an adjustable bed isn't a necessity for you and is instead a luxury, you may want to consider cheaper alternatives. However, if you're experiencing poor sleep and wake most mornings with minor aches and pains, an adjustable bed is the obvious answer.

Can I purchase the mattress separately from the adjustable bed?

Yes, our options include mattress only, divan set, beds with end drawers or the adjustable set consisting of the bed frame and the mattress.

Can any mattress be paired with an adjustable bed?

Any mattress that offers tailored support, such as memory foam, latex, gel foam and pocket sprung options, is compatible with adjustable beds. Pocket springs react independently to body movements, whereas memory foam, latex, and gel foam mattresses conform to the body's contours. These mattress types offer greater flexibility than open coil mattresses, which aren't recommended to pair with adjustable beds.

What brands form our collection?

Our entire range features adjustable beds designed and manufactured by MiBed, a company renowned for its innovative and premium sleeping reclining beds.

Shopping with Mattressman

A comfortable night's sleep is just around the corner thanks to Mattressman's superb collection of electric king size beds. Moreover, with fantastic price points and free next-working-day delivery (08.00 am - 06.00 pm) for any in-stock adjustable bed, we guarantee excellent value for money.

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