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What's the importance of a duvet cover?


Similarly, as is the importance of your bed matching the room's style, your bedding must also represent the style and layout of your bedroom. Your bedding is almost always going to be on display and likely to be the first thing you encounter when you walk into your room; it's, therefore, important that your duvet cover matches the aesthetic of your existing furniture and room style.


Your duvet cover is a barrier between your skin and the duvet and protects against any moisture and odour. With a duvet cover, you can ensure your duvet can withstand the test of time.

How can I find my ideal duvet cover?

As obvious as it may sound, the duvet, duvet cover and bed size are intrinsically linked; therefore, our double duvet covers are compatible with double duvets.

Search by brand

Our user-friendly website allows you to apply filters and narrow your search by brand. Therefore, if you have a specific brand in mind, such as Silentnight or Cath Kidston, you can settle on your new duvet cover seamlessly.

Search by colour

Filters can also be applied to search by colour; with various colours to choose from, including green, pink, white and grey, we're sure to leave you spoilt for choice. Aside from colour, our range can be categorised by style; a collection of our duvet covers features subtle designs, thus embodying a sleek and understated style. Conversely, many of our duvet covers adopt beautiful and intrinsic detailing depicting picturesque snapshots of nature. Whether you go down the route of subtle beauty or more of a lavish and bold style, our duvet covers and bedding sets will surely transform your bedroom.

What materials is our collection comprised of?

Premium materials such as soft microfibre fabric, 100% cotton and incredibly soft polyester 'teddy fleece' ensure the comfort and quality of our duvet covers, as do the impressive thread counts accompanying our collection. You can count on Mattressman for a cosy night's rest.

Are our duvet covers featured as part of bedding sets?

The majority of our duvet covers feature as part of a bedding set; further information regarding specifications can be found within the product descriptions.

Why shop with Mattressman?

With plenty of options to browse, fantastic quality and even better prices, you can rely on Mattressman to feature your perfect duvet cover. Moreover, our free-next working day delivery (8.00 am - 6.00 pm) for orders over £45 showcases our commitment to affordability.

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