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What is a wardrobe?

A wardrobe is a furnishing that clothes can be hung or stored in. A fitted wardrobe can be free-standing or custom-built into a room. There are many variations, including sliding, mirrored and corner wardrobes, to name a few.

Types of wardrobes we stock

Stocking over a hundred wardrobes, we're positive you can discover the one that meets all your practical and style needs. Here, we describe the different types we showcase.

What is a double wardrobe?

This wardrobe type consists of two halves, often revealed by two opening or sliding doors. Both halves are commonly used to hang clothes but are usually paired with drawers below the doors or an open shelf above the hanging rail. 

What is a combination wardrobe?

Combining popular storage solutions such as hanging rails, shelves and drawers, you can store whatever you see fit in a combination wardrobe. Are you looking for furniture that can hang your clothes? No problem. Need to upgrade your sock drawer? Absolutely no issue. Time to find a larger shelf to store your ever-growing shoe collection? Combination wardrobes have your back and feature superb interior fittings to accommodate all of your clothes and garments. If you're actively seeking furniture that'll provide ample storage space, consider a combination wardrobe.

What is a sliding doors wardrobe?

A sliding-door wardrobe is what it says on the tin. Instead of its doors opening outwards, they slide along a groove with rollers for ultra-swish functionality. Sliding door wardrobes are perfect for a smaller bedroom because you don't have to worry about opening doors in a bedroom with limited space.

What are mirrored wardrobes?

Mirrored wardrobes are found on double, combination or sliding door options, ideal for any bedroom requiring a full-length mirror. The mirrored doors are a fantastic addition to any wardrobe and have the power to make a bedroom feel bigger and brighter than it is.

Do our wardrobes arrive fully assembled?

Most of our wardrobes need assembly. Self-assembly is explained clearly in the wardrobe instructions, and you will also be provided with the fixing and tools needed to assemble the product. Unfortunately, many of our wardrobes cannot be delivered assembled due to the space-saving nature of shipping processes and the risk of damage in transit.

Types of wood our wardrobes are made of

Whether you're looking for a solid wood wardrobe or a more budget-friendly option constructed from real wood veneer, you can find precisely what you're looking for. Our natural wooden options are made using oak, pine or rubberwood, all incredibly sturdy and hard-wearing. No matter the type of wood, they all come in many styles. So if you prefer the traditional tones of natural wood, or a contemporary coated wardrobe available in different colour schemes, we showcase every type.

What brands are showcased in our wardrobe collection?

At Mattressman, we're proud of the wonderful range of brands we showcase. Including the masters of solid wood, Core Products, we also feature Julian Bowen, Birlea, LPD Furniture, GFW and Furniture Express. On top of this, Westpoint Mills works exclusively with us to provide quality wardrobes to homes nationwide.

Why should I purchase with Mattressman?

With a commitment to affordable and premium products, you can rely on us to feature your dream wardrobe at a fantastic price.

Free delivery

Our free next-working-day delivery service (8.00 am – 6.00 pm) for in-stock items reiterates our commitment to affordability and ensures you can receive your wardrobe in next to no time.

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