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What is an ottoman storage bed?

Ottoman bed frames are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to expand their storage solutions across their home. But what is an ottoman? Essentially, an ottoman bed frame offers underbed storage space by simply lifting the mattress from either the footend or side. Using gas lift hydraulics, ottoman storage beds can effortlessly hold the mattress up for the ideal solution of storage space that would otherwise be a bed frame anyway.

Are you fed up with built-in drawers? An ottoman offers the ultimate luxury with its reliable swish functions. Ideal for a smaller bedroom looking to free up some floor space or anyone simply looking for extra storage options or practical storage solutions, ottoman beds is a wise investment. Overall, ottoman beds provide an extra storage area that helps tidy clutter and make smaller rooms feel much larger.

Perfect for rooms with limited space

Whilst any bed with ottoman functionality is sure to be a great fit for your bedroom, ottoman beds are best suited for smaller rooms. The bed's integrated storage offerings actively free floor space and, therefore, could allow for a larger bed frame than first imagined. Try to envisage what storage you'd place inside your ottoman bed, and from here, you'll have a greater idea of how much space you have to play with. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that your room is able to accommodate a double ottoman bed frame as opposed to a small double bed, for instance.

How much storage does an ottoman bed offer?

This is dependent on the size of the ottoman bed you opt for. Take a look at the dimensions of the ottoman beds we offer below and their corresponding size of storage space.

What sizes of ottoman bed do we stock?

Here at Mattressman, we feature ottoman beds in almost all standard sizes in our ranges. These include single ottoman storage bed frames (75 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double ottoman beds (135 x 190cm), king size (150 x 200cm) and super king size ottoman storage bed frames (180 x 200cm). These ottoman beds will feature roughly a similar amount of storage space to match the size of the bed; however, this can differ slightly from manufacturers due to how they design and construct their ranges of ottoman beds.

What size bed should I opt for?

A common mistake people make is to purchase their new bed before considering whether it's a suitable fit for the bedroom. For instance, whilst the appeal of super king ottoman beds is obvious, your room may not be large enough to accommodate a super king ottoman bed frame. Another factor to take into consideration is your bed frame requirements; if you sleep alone, our collection of single ottoman beds is ideal, as is our small double ottoman beds if you're looking for a more spacious sleeping solution. However, courtesy of the integrated storage capabilities, your bedroom could accommodate a larger bed frame than first anticipated; for instance, a double bed with storage offerings could be as feasible as a standard single bed for the same room. Similarly, a king-size bed with storage offerings could be the difference between your bedroom featuring a double and king-size bed.

What types of ottoman bed frames are there?

Our ottoman and storage beds come in various styles, so you can be sure to find the ottoman bed that matches your bedroom décor or personal style. It's worth noting that in addition to our ottoman collection, we also feature other storage beds, and you may find that a bed with drawers is a better fit for your room.

Wooden ottoman beds

Wooden ottoman beds are incredibly versatile pieces, offering a clean and minimalist style for painted options or more of a rustic and classic look for natural ottoman beds. In addition, many of our wood ottoman beds come with shaker-style statement headboards that suit many bedroom aesthetics.

If you're contemplating a natural or painted option, you should take your bedroom's style into consideration. For example, a grey storage ottoman bed is a fantastic choice for a contemporary room, whereas our natural wooden options are tailor-made for traditional settings.

Fabric ottoman bed

Look no further than our range of upholstered ottoman storage beds for an ottoman bed that offers a cosy or softer aesthetic. With an extensive array of fabrics to choose from, you can find a new bed frame to match your preferred colour schemes or materials. Featuring comfortable fabric headboards, we're confident you will find the ottoman bed with fabric upholstery that is perfect for you. Whether you're looking for a minimalist and understated style such as our collection of white, black and grey ottoman beds or a more lavish and rich style, our wonderful; collection is sure to cater to your bed needs. 

Faux leather ottoman bed frames

The last type of ottoman bed we offer is our faux leather option, the go-to choice for an ottoman storage bed that is super-easy to clean and maintain. Faux leather ottoman beds provide more of a subdued style compared to our other ottoman beds. Many feature grey, black or brown tones, ideal for bedrooms that aren't necessarily looking to make a style statement.

Consider a divan ottoman bed frame

Either in the form of an ottoman bed base or paired with a mattress, our divan builder offers plenty of options. Otherwise known as a 'design your own bed' tool, our divan options allow you to customise your sleeping solution. Choose your preferred headboard, finish, size and storage options to construct your dream bed frame. Our full range of divan beds features every standard size varying from small single to super king ottoman bed frames.

Other benefits of ottoman beds

Our range of ottoman beds goes above and beyond to feature options that work for various spaces. For example, if a bedroom is awkward and requires an ottoman bed to open from the side, we have options that offer this due to their different positioning of the gas lift hydraulics system. Many of our ottoman storage beds open from the foot end, which maximises the storage area, so you can store more of your belongings, such as clothes, toys, sheets, blankets, towels or whatever you see fit. Browse our expansive collection of storage beds today and find the ottoman bed of your dreams. With our ottoman bed collection featuring the perfect balance between style and practicality, we're sure to feature your perfect bed frame at an unmissable price.

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