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Illustrious recognition for their memory foam mattresses

With an unequivocal commitment to its customers, the reputation of Nectar sleep and its phenomenal range of mattresses has preceded itself with an array of accreditation's reiterating the quality and luxury of Nectar sleep. GQ UK, concerning the 365-night trial, explained, 'No other memory foam mattress company is quite so generous on the 'peace of mind' front.' Good Housekeeping Institute, quoted as saying, 'Nectar mattress is substantial and sturdy in design, comfortable and luxurious to sleep on, are just two renowned names to have praised the quality and initiative of Nectar Sleep and their memory foam mattresses.

What Nectar Sleep products does Mattressman stock?

Mattressman features a wide array of Nectar sleep memory foam mattresses, all of which combine support and comfort to provide the best night's sleep.

Solely foam

A Nectar sleep foam mattress is a highly appealing prospect for all foam enthusiasts. Nectar sleep is aware of the ever-growing demand and preference for a mattress that solely consists of foam. Instead of a pocket or coil spring system, a Nectar sleep mattress solely consisting of foam features a foundation layer composed of 100% recycled and repurposed foam that works in tandem with the technologically-advanced layer of memory foam. Memory foam is renowned for its heat retention properties, and therefore, people are often intrigued by the prospect of memory foam but are deterred by the prospect of overheating. However, Nectar sleep and its advanced technology have combined this with its temperature-regulating Nectasmart Memory Foam, which regulates body temperature for an undisturbed sleeping environment. Wake up feeling refreshed and extremely happy with a Nectar sleep memory foam mattress.

Other memory foam mattresses

A memory foam mattress that incorporates a spring or coil system as its base is referred to as a hybrid mattress. A hybrid, Nectar mattress combines the support of an open coil or pocket spring system with the comfort of a memory foam mattress. Nectar sleep pocket springs adapt to the pressure applied to the mattress surface, ensuring targeted support to the contours of your body whilst simultaneously promoting healthy spine alignment.

What are the advantages of a Nectar memory foam mattress?

Nectar sleep is determined to provide the best customer experience possible. As a Nectar sleep customer, you are always taken care of through their services, terms and conditions and mattress features.

Bed in a Box

Mattresses can be challenging to manoeuvre and risk being damaged if transported throughout your home. However, the bed in a box mattress is easily transported; the memory foam mattress arrives vacuum-packed at a fraction of the size. Simply remove the mattress from its packaging, and within a few hours, you'll experience the full benefits of your new mattress. 

365-night trial

Purchasing a mattress online can be daunting if you haven't previously tested the mattress; the whole process differs from the 'trial and error' in-store testing. However, with Nectar's 365-night sleep trial, you have an entire year to ascertain whether your memory foam mattress is right for you. If your Nectar mattress doesn't fit the billing within a year of purchase, simply return it for a full refund.

What mattress tensions are available for Nectar sleep mattresses?

Nectar sleep is conscious of accommodating all sleepers irrespective of their stature or preferences. Therefore, Nectar's range of mattresses is available in soft, medium, medium firm and firm tension.

What mattress tension is suitable for me?

The importance of finding a mattress with just the right firmness for you cannot be understated. What may be perceived as an extremely comfortable mattress or a better mattress may not be supportive, so it's essential that you find the mattress that fully supports your body, as an unsuitable mattress may cause improper spine alignment and back and hip pain. On the contrary, a mattress with suitable tension for your sleeping requirements can provide targeted support to the contours of your body, resulting in a comfortable and supportive night's sleep. 

Soft Nectar mattresses

A soft Nectar sleep mattress is ideal for side sleepers; this position enables the mattress to cushion the hips and shoulder and provides targeted support where you require it most. Moreover, a soft mattress is designed for lighter sleepers as anyone of a heavier stature runs the risk of their body sinking into the mattress.

Medium Nectar mattresses

A Nectar sleep mattress with medium tension is best suited for side sleepers as cushioning can be provided to pressure points such as the shoulders and hips, promoting healthy spine alignment and a great night's sleep.

Medium firm Nectar mattresses

A medium firm mattress is renowned for its versatility and ability to accommodate various sleeping positions. A medium firm mattress isn't too firm to cause improper spine alignment when sleeping on your side, whilst it's not too soft to be unsuitable for back or front sleeping.

Firm Nectar mattresses

A firm mattress is designed and manufactured for front and back sleepers as the firm tension evenly distribute body weight, provides pressure-relieving qualities to major joints, and keeps your spine in a healthy position whilst sleeping. 

Why should I purchase a Nectar mattress from Mattressman?

Mattressman features an extensive range of premium Nectar sleep mattresses at an affordable price; for your new Nectar mattress, look no further than Mattressman.

Free delivery

Mattressman's free next working day delivery on all mattresses (8.00 am – 6.00 pm) anywhere within the UK mainland (dependent on the delivery area) outlines Mattressman's affordable and convenient delivery process. View our delivery information page for further details.

Furthermore, Mattressman can dispose of your old mattress to make way for your new Nectar mattress. Please note we can only dispose of like-for-like items. The service costs £30.00 per item and is only available with our bedroom delivery service. For further information regarding our delivery surface, please ring our customer service team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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