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What is the appeal of small double bed frames?

When choosing a new bed frame, the size of your bedroom and whether your room features the available space to accommodate your preferred bed frame should be an important consideration. Small double beds are often considered a viable alternative to double beds for space-conscious bedrooms. Regarding size, small double beds are larger than single beds yet slightly smaller than double beds; the dimensions of our bed frames can be seen in our product descriptions. In essence, if you consider a small double bed, often referred to as a queen-size bed or a three-quarter bed, spacious enough and the right fit for your bedroom, our small double wooden bed collection is likely to feature your dream bed.

What is the appeal of wooden bed frames?

For peace of mind, you can rely on the durability of our wooden beds, either constructed from rubber wood, pine and oak or wood-effect materials constituting MDF, particleboard and other wood alternatives; our bed frames are designed to withstand the test of time.

Traditional style

Natural wooden beds are tailor-made for traditionally-styled bedrooms and embody a quaint and rustic feel, adding great character and warmth to whichever room they reside in. Similar to metal beds, wooden structures exude great character and elegance. So, whether it's your room, a child's room or a guest bedroom, a natural wooden bed is destined to elevate the room's style. Our small double wooden bed frame collection could provide the finishing touches to your traditionally styled bedroom.

Modern style

If the idea of a wooden bed appeals to you, but you're keen for your new bed to represent the style and aesthetic of your contemporary-styled bedroom, consider a painted wooden bed. A sleek and understated white or grey bed, as does a rich black finish, embodies a minimalist style. Specifically, our range of white wooden small double beds are recognised for their versatility and are a great fit for an array of bedrooms.

For a smaller bedroom with limited space, consider a storage bed

In smaller bedrooms, utilising every available storage facility to ensure extra space is more important than ever. Our range of storage beds actively encourages greater floor space by providing accessible storage functions in the form of under-bed drawers.

Alternatively, opt for a low footend bed

A low footend bed not only ensures you can stretch your legs beyond the end of the bed, but it also presents the illusion of a smaller bed and, therefore, a larger bedroom.

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