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What is the appeal of wooden bed frames?

One of the many appeals of a wooden bed frame is its understated style and design. Whilst it may be tempting to opt for a lavish and exuberant style such as a fabric bed, for example, a wooden single bed frame is destined to exude a subtle and elegant beauty courtesy of either a rustic natural or painted finish. Ultimately, it should be your bedroom furniture, layout and design that dictates whether a wooden bed is the right option for you. The bed is usually the largest piece of furniture that occupies the room and therefore is likely to capture the room's attention; therefore, it's crucial that your bed represents the bedroom's aesthetic.

Single wooden beds are perfect for children

It's easy to be swept up in the notion that kids' beds must reflect a child's interests and feature an eccentric and playful style. However, this isn't always the case, and instead, a beautiful wooden bed could stylistically stand the test of time with your child reaping the luxuries of a wooden bed for many years.

Ideally suited for traditional spaces

A natural wooden bed frame is tailor-made for classically styled bedrooms, with the neutral hue of the wood offsetting a quaint style likely to seamlessly integrate into its surroundings. A sense of warmth and familiarity encapsulates wooden furniture, with the simplistic style of wood furnishings exuding glamour and elegance.

A painted wooden bed blurs the lines between a traditional and contemporary aesthetic

If you're on the search for a bed frame that draws inspiration from both traditional and modern styles, our painted bed range could be the answer. A dash of colour is able to elevate a beautiful wooden bed frame to the forefront of the room's attention; what's more, with the choice of neutral colours such as white or grey to choose from, your painted bed is able to seamlessly integrate into various room styles. Modern furnishings are often defined by their simplistic and neutral style, characteristics which painted wooden bed frames embody.

Our favourite single wooden bed features

Integrated storage

Many of our beds conveniently feature storage options in the form of either integrated headboard storage or under-bed drawers, helping to maintain a tidy and organised bedroom. Alternatively, many of our beds feature ample space underneath the bed to accommodate storage.

Slatted headboards

A collection of our beds feature intricate detailing and sleek lines within the headboard; this adds another stylistic dimension to the bed and abundant character.

Low footend

As the name suggests, this type of bed features a low footboard at the end of the bed and is ideally suited for a small bedroom as low footend beds give off the impression of a larger bedroom. Moreover, a low foot end doesn't constrain you to the length of the mattress and allows you to stretch your legs.

High footend

Conversely, a high footend bed helps contribute towards a grand, statement piece of furniture.

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