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Should I consider a king size bed?

Consider the size

For all of the spacious room king size beds offer and the potential this type of bed has to serve as the room's focal point, a king size bed isn't a feasible option for all bedrooms. For bedrooms in which space is limited, a king size bed may run the risk of overpowering the room and restricting the space available for bedroom furniture; if you're conscious this may be the case for your bedroom, you may be better off opting for a double bed which, despite the smaller size, still represents a spacious sleeping solution. On the other hand, your room may be spacious enough to occupy a king-size bed and, therefore, can accommodate a statement king size bed that adds abundant style and elegance to its surroundings.

Consider your sleeping requirements

A king size bed makes perfect sense if you currently own a double bed and require greater sleeping space. However, if you're of the opinion that your double bed is spacious as it is or if you sleep on your own, you may find that a king size bed isn't a necessity.

What is the appeal of wooden bed frames?


Popular materials comprising our collection consist of oak and pine, whilst our Shed Beds collection comprises responsibly sourced Scandinavian Redwood. Alternatively, a group of our wooden beds are constructed from wood-effect materials such as particleboard. Regardless of which wooden bed frame you opt for, you can rely on the bed's durability and longevity. Further details regarding the bed's specifications can be found within the product descriptions.


At initial thought, you may associate a wooden bed with traditional bedrooms. While this is the case for many of our wooden beds, we also feature a range of bed frames that draw inspiration from contemporary furnishings. Therefore, if your heart is set on a wooden bed, consider which bed style is compatible with your bedroom. Below outlines the key characteristics of our traditional and modern wooden beds.


Our traditional-styled beds comprise a rustic and quaint aesthetic that showcases the natural grain of wood throughout its structure. These beds exude warmth and character.


Our modern range of wooden beds features varied styles. You may opt for a minimalist bed frame that showcases a neutral painted wood finish; contrastingly, our rattan-styled bed frames are synonymous with modern furnishings, whilst our beds that combine wood with fabric and metal structures make for incredibly easy-on-the-eye bed frames.

Our favourite king size wooden bed features


Either in the form of ottoman storage or under-bed drawers, a collection of our king size wooden beds feature integrated storage, conveniently allowing you to store bedding.

Four-poster structure

A lot of the focus of our wooden king-size beds has been placed on how wood structures can achieve the desired result of statement furnishings. Another way this aesthetic can be achieved is by a four-poster structure synonymous with grand and lavish bedrooms. Our four poster beds embody sleek and streamlined designs, thus creating a perfect balance between a minimalist style and a luxurious and elegant bed frame.

Poignant headboards

Headboards are integral to the bed's support and style. Many of our beds feature beautiful headboard detailing in the form of a slatted style showcasing wooden lines across the structure, beautiful curves or opulent finials.

Choose between a low footend and high footend bed

These terms relate to the end of the bed and whether the bed features a tall unit or a low or non-existent unit at the bottom of the bed. A low footend ensures you're not restricted to the length of the mattress and places less of an emphasis on the bed's size allowing for the illusion of a larger bedroom. In contrast, a high footend gives off the desired effect of a large, statement bed frame.

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