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Struggling to find the perfect mattress? Well, fortunately for you, Mattressman stocks the UK's 'numero uno' in vacuum-packed mattresses: Uno! With mattresses made entirely out of memory foam and pocket sprung options for those of above-average stature, we have an Uno mattress for everyone. Uno mattresses are the perfect option for teens moving away to university, homes with cramped or narrow hallways, or those who struggle with moving conventional mattresses. So, why wait? Take a look at our fantastic new range and see which Uno is right for you.
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UNO Mattresses

An UNO mattress is not to be mistaken for one of your everyday memory foam products. These high-quality mattresses are not only made from some of the best materials and using some of the newest technologies, they also come vacuum packed! So if you live alone, live in a home with narrow doorways or corridors, or simply think you'll struggle to get a conventional mattress home then this range of lightweight, vacuum-packed mattresses is sure to see you right.

UNO Pocket Sprung

If you're looking for edge-to-edge support but feel like you'll struggle to install a hefty mattress in your home, why not take a look at the pocket sprung UNO range? Inside the surprisingly small vacuum-sealed bag is a mattress packed to the brim with the best of Breasley. Choose from either 1000 or 2000 springs for optimal pressure relief, topped with a layer of high-density foam and antimicrobial technology for a clean, cool and refreshing night's sleep.

UNO Reflex Foam

The UK's leading manufacturer of foam mattresses has combined the unparalleled comfort of foam with an array of hygienic technologies to produce the best possible foam mattress range for those on a budget. Supplied in a compact, vacuum-sealed package, these roll-up mattresses feature an adaptive Fresche cover that actively fights the buildup of bacteria, as well as wicking that draws moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry as you sleep.

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