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About Snuggle Beds

Snuggle Beds represent a fantastic option if you're looking for a mattress or bed frame at an affordable price. There's a Snuggle Bed for most sleepers as they stock a range of sizes, support tensions and filling types. This budget-friendly brand manufactures its mattresses in Yorkshire, sourcing British materials for their excellent value sleeping solutions.

What sizes of mattresses are available?

Snuggle Beds mattresses come in all standard UK sizes, including small single (75 x 190cm), single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), king size (150 x 200cm) and super king size (180 x 200cm).

Snuggle Bed Frames 

Snuggle Beds produce a range of wooden and fabric bed frames, too, available in single, small double, double and king size, designed to support mattresses of the corresponding sizes above.

What types of mattresses do Snuggle Beds stock?

Open coil

Most of our Snuggle Beds collection consists of open coil mattresses, one of the best budget options with ensured comfort. The open coil options feature durable, supportive continuous wire spring units in medium and medium firm tensions. Moreover, Snuggle Beds often incorporate internal wall panels in their mattresses to ensure the edges are reinforced and provide edge-to-edge support that ensures you have slightly more room to enjoy your sleeping solution. Finally, within the open coil category, Snuggle Bed's mattresses represent the basis for a great night's sleep at an affordable cost. 

Pocket sprung

The Snuggle Beds pocket springs mattress range presents a type of sleeping solution that is a pressure-relieving, body-moulding sleeping solution thanks in massive part to the individual spring encapsulated in their fabric pockets, moving independently to provide a quiet night's sleep with minimal partner disturbance. In addition, snuggle Beds has ensured its pocket spring mattresses are filled with white fibre fillings/polyester fibres, known to be hypoallergenic and brilliant for hay fever sufferers. So for ultimate comfort with excellent body-moulding properties at a budget price, a Snuggle Beds mattress with pocket springs is the obvious choice.

Hybrid mattresses with memory foam

Are you a fan of memory foam? Snuggle Beds have hybrid mattress options that combine reflex foam or pocket springs with memory foam. The pocket memory options are brilliant for receiving support from the pocket springs and the comfort from memory foam. In contrast, the all-foam mattress options feature superb body-moulding qualities.

What are the benefits of Snuggle Bed mattresses?

A Snuggle Beds mattress incorporates soft upholstery on top of their mattresses; whether a micro-quilted cover, hand-tufting or a knitted cover that remembers a cosy faux fur fleece, you can rely on Snuggle Beds to provide extra comfort and sumptuousness.

All the fillings used in a Snuggle Beds mattress are hypoallergenic polyester fibre fillings. This type of fibre filling has a tight pore size, making it hard for dust mites to pass through, ensuring they don't build up in your sleeping solution. Compared to natural fillings, they prevent the build-up of allergens much more effectively and protect hay fever sufferers from experiencing too many symptoms.

What kinds of bed frames do Snuggle Beds produce?

Wooden beds

Are you looking for a budget bed frame to accompany your new Snuggle Beds mattress? You're in luck, as they produce a range of wooden beds that are incredibly versatile and will fit in with many bedrooms. Simple but minimalistic, Snuggle Beds have natural exposed wood options or coated wood, allowing you to opt for a classic or contemporary style.

Snuggle Bed Headboards

Snuggle Beds feature an array of stylish and durable faux leather headboards enhancing your bedroom at prices that reflect superb value.

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