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A multi-award-winning bed manufacturer

The trusted and impressive reputation that Shire Beds beholds is thanks in part to their industry recognition and accolades in recent years; Shire Beds' Artisan Constable was pronounced runner-up of the product of the year at the prestigious National Bed Federation Awards whilst their Shire Signature Collection was declared winner of the year two years on. Progressing year after year, in 2022, The Furniture Awards declared The Shire Bed Company as the Best of British, indicating the incredible strength and promise of the company. The sheer growth and scale of Shire Beds, from a family-run company with lofty aspirations to an award-winning industry giant, is truly admirable.

An extensive range of Shire Beds

Shire Beds offer bespoke bed manufacturing, providing high-quality products tailored to your specifications. Their bed range includes drawers, sprung edge base options, castors or leg fixtures, special sizes and headboards that epitomise style and fantastic value for money.

What Shire Bed products does Mattressman feature?

Here at Mattressman, our Shire Bed Company collection includes an extensive range of quality, affordable mattresses; continue reading to gain further insight into the benefits and credentials of Shire Bed's mattresses.

Shire Bed mattress tensions


A medium mattress is ideally suited for side sleepers, with the soft surface cushioning the hip and shoulder and consequently providing targeted support. In addition, a medium mattress is most appropriate for those of a slight build, as anyone of a heavier stature runs the risk of their body sinking into the mattress.

Medium Firm

Medium firm mattresses are incredibly versatile. They can accommodate various sleeping positions; a medium firm mattress is soft enough to cushion the hip and shoulder whilst side sleeping yet is sufficiently firm enough to support the back and spine for front and back sleepers.


Firm mattresses are designed and manufactured for front and back sleepers as the firm sleeping surface evenly distributes body weight and provides excellent support to keep your spine in a healthy position whilst sleeping.

What types of Shire Beds mattresses does Mattressman's range include?

Open coil

Open coil spring bases are synonymous with affordable mattresses with the relatively inexpensive manufacturing costs reflected in the prices of the mattresses; this is indeed the case across our full range of open coil mattresses that represent exceptional value. Despite representing an affordable option, the quality of our Shire Beds' open coil mattresses remains uncompromised and offers a reassuringly even and comfortable sleeping surface.

Pocket sprung

A pocket sprung mattress consists of individual pockets enclosed in fabric sleeves that react to the individual movements of your body. Pocket springs provide tailored support to the contours of your body to combat aches and pains. Additionally, pocket sprung mattresses are beneficial for those sharing a bed with a partner as these mattresses ensure isolated motion meaning your partner's movements throughout the night won't impact your sleep.

Natural fillings

The benefit of natural fillings are two-fold; natural fillings enhance the comfort and luxury of the mattress whilst they are also renowned for their ability to wick away moisture and ensure a cool, dry sleeping surface.

Fibre fillings

Fibre fillings are perfect for hay fever sufferers as white fibre fillings consist of 100% hypoallergenic polyester.

What sizes are The Shire Bed Company mattresses available in?

Our range of Shire Beds mattresses is available in; small single, single, small double, double, king size and super king size, ensuring The Shire Bed Company features your perfect mattress.

What is the difference in size between a small double mattress and a double mattress?

A small double mattress measures 4'0" (120cm) wide by 6'3" (190cm) long in contrast to a double mattress measuring 4'6" (135cm) wide by 6'3" (190cm) long.

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