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What are ottoman bed frames?

Ottoman beds, often referred to as storage bed frames, feature integrated storage space beneath the mattress. The storage is easily accessible via the side or footend of the bed, with the frame lifting to reveal ample space to store bedding and other bedroom essentials.

What is the appeal of an ottoman bed?

The beauty of an ottoman bed is that it blurs the lines between a storage space and a bed frame, thus conveniently representing a multi-functional piece of furniture. The built-in storage underneath the bed paves the way for a tidy bedroom and allows you to utilise space that would otherwise likely be vacated. An ottoman bed is ideal if you're actively seeking extra storage solutions that offer easy access.

How do ottoman beds function?

As mentioned above, an ottoman bed will either feature a footend or side lift function operated via a hydraulic system or similar function. Once the mattress is elevated, your stored items will be within easy reach.

Should I purchase a single ottoman bed?

The small size of a single bed frame means they commonly feature in children's bedrooms or rooms where available space is restricted. Therefore, when considering if you should opt for a single bed or not, assess your bed frame requirements. If you share a bed with a partner yet are conscious of the room's available space, you may find our collection of small double ottoman beds is better suited for your needs. Alternatively, if your room is of ample size, you may find yourself with the luxury of choosing any bed, including our grand and spacious super king ottoman beds. Whether you opt for a single or small double ottoman bed frame should depend on the circumstances detailed above. 

Does Mattressman feature alternative single storage bed frames?

Integrated storage

Similar to our ottoman beds, we feature bed frames with drawers or storage space within the headboard to accommodate your bedroom essentials. A bed with drawers is ideal if you're looking for a central location to store your possessions and consequently increase your floor space. With this in mind, you may find that our small bed frames offer greater flexibility than first imagined.

Divan options

Either as a single bed and mattress or a base-only option, our divan range features something for everyone. Our divan range allows you to customise your bed and choose from a range of finishes, headboard styles and storage configurations. 

What different styles does our collection comprise?


Most of our wooden ottoman beds comprise rubber wood, thus culminating in a beautiful and durable bed guaranteed to withstand the test of time. A wooden bed showcases a distinctively traditional style embodying abundant warmth and charm.

Fabric upholstery

Conversely, fabric beds are often synonymous with contemporary-styled bedrooms. These beds often showcase a rich, elegant fabric finish and intrinsic headboard detailing.

Faux leather

Visually, faux leather is similar to genuine leather at a more affordable price. Faux leather is also recognised for its quality and durability.

What colours can I choose from?

Our single ottoman beds feature a range of neutral finishes, ensuring the bed can seamlessly integrate into many bedroom layouts and styles. Whether it's a black, white, brown, cream or grey ottoman bed you opt for, we're confident to feature the perfect furniture for your bedroom. 

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