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What is a king size ottoman bed?

For visual context, a king size bed frame is larger than a double bed. An ottoman bed is a bed frame that lifts to reveal storage space underneath the bed. A gas spring or similar system ensures the bed frame can seamlessly lift from the side of the bed or the footend, depending on the model.

Is a king size ottoman bed frame suitable for me?

Usually, we'd advise measuring your room's length and width to gauge an idea of whether our king size beds are feasible for your bedroom. However, when on the search for a king size bed with ottoman functionality, you're likely to have more room to play with. With this in mind, you may envisage a scenario where your bedroom can accommodate a super king ottoman bed base courtesy of the bed's integrated storage space. In a similar fashion, you may find yourself with the luxury of choosing a king size ottoman bed and mattress instead of a standard double bed.

What is the appeal of an ottoman bed?

An ottoman bed blurs the lines between a storage unit and a bed frame. An ottoman bed actively encourages a tidy and organised bedroom by providing a practical space for accessible storage to accommodate bedding and other essentials. Whether searching for small double ottoman beds or super king ottoman beds, an ottoman bed will feature ample storage space. If you're looking for a bed that allows for more storage space, an ottoman bed is the way to go.

What types of king size ottoman beds does our collection consist of?

Wooden ottoman beds

While fabric and wooden beds represent beautiful and luxurious bed frames, their styles differ and are best suited to different bedroom designs and layouts. A wooden bed is synonymous with traditional bedroom furniture and showcases a quaint and glamorous aesthetic. If your heart is set on a wooden frame, but you'd like to add a touch of colour and vibrancy to the bed, consider a painted wooden ottoman bed.

Upholstered beds

Fabric beds tend to embody a contemporary style and vary from subtle and understated designs showcased by a neutral finish or more lavish options such as crushed velvet, green, and orange.

Faux leather

Faux leather is an affordable alternative to real leather but as durable and glamorous.

Consider a king size ottoman divan bed frame

If it's a king size ottoman bed with a mattress you're looking for, consider one of our divan options. Our divan builder allows you to opt for a base-only option or a bed and mattress pairing. Bring to life your dream bed and choose from a range of headboard styles, fabrics and storage options.

What colours does our collection comprise?

There are many finishes to choose from, ensuring your new bed is entirely tailorable to your room's layout, style and furnishings. Whether it's a rich and elegant navy or emerald green, a bold and exuberant orange or pink or a subtle and understated grey or silver, our collection will surely cater to your needs.

What headboard styles does our range feature?

Sometimes the headboard is overlooked when assessing the appeal and suitability of a new bed frame. However, as the headboard stands tall above the bed frame, they're likely to capture the room's attention.

Winged style

This type of headboard features overarching wings on either side of the headboard culminating in a statement headboard and a cosy and intimate sleeping space.

Buttoned headboards

Buttoned detailing adds another aesthetic dimension to the headboard and represents beautiful and timeless Chesterfield-styled furnishings.

Slatted headboards

Slatted headboards consist of intrinsic lined detailing featured throughout the unit.

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