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Mlily mattresses

About Mlily mattresses

Mlily is a mattress manufacturer that has grown exponentially over several years, expanding rapidly over China and becoming a global mattress brand that provides super support and advanced sleep technology. At the forefront of their operations, they're dedicated to providing unparalleled comfortable support to sleepers across the world, which is why they have incorporated many innovative solutions to sleep problems within Mlily mattresses. Mlily are different from other mattresses because they include premium materials such as aloe vera, bamboo, smart memory foams and pocket spring unit in their mattresses, all of which are demonstrated to be exemplary thanks to the Mlily customer reviews.

Global partners of Manchester United Football Club

Mlily mattress is a global partner of Manchester United FC, ensuring that their players are getting the restorative sleep needed for competing in one of the most cut-throat leagues in the world. This unprecedented 10-year deal demonstrates the quality mattresses, and therefore quality sleep, Mlily provides for some of the most prestigious athletes.

What mattress types are included in the Mlily mattress range?

Hybrid mattresses

Every Mlily mattress in their range has combined two types of mattresses to create a sleeping solution that doesn't hold back on support or comfort. Fusing pocket springs and their innovative Bamboo Charcoal memory foam, it makes for the ultimate supportive mattress that offers pressure relief, extremely low motion transfer and a fantastic night's sleep, read more about why the Mlily Bamboo series has the mattress for you.

Pocket springs

Every Mlily mattress includes pocket springs, ranging anywhere between 800-4500. No matter the number of pocket springs in hybrid mattresses, they move independently and are designed to move the contours of your body, ensuring the support targets pressure points to keep spine and joint pain at bay.

Memory foam mattresses

One of the most innovative aspects of Mlily mattresses is the Bamboo Charcoal memory foam, similar to a variety of our gel memory foam mattresses but with a twist. A memory foam mattress is known for its strong heat retention qualities due to the closed cell structure of most types of high-density polyfoam. So, if you tend to get too hot at night, memory foam is a no-go.
However, with Mlily's Bamboo Charcoal memory foam, you can get a better night's sleep as you will receive all of the body-contouring properties of memory foam but it's able to regulate temperature as well as regulate moisture. This smart foam infused with bamboo is similar to a cooling gel but absorbs moisture at a high rate, ensuring your sleeping environment is drier and more breathable. Mlily has also incorporated bamboo into memory foam because it has anti-microbial properties, meaning it's resistant to bacteria.
What's more, the combination of pocket springs and memory foam promotes extremely low motion transfer which is brilliant for light sleepers, ensuring you aren't disturbed by your partner throughout the night.

What are the other benefits of a Mlily mattress?

A problem with a variety of mattresses is that after a few years they can sag around the edges, comprising the level of support you can receive. With Mlily, they have tackled this issue by incorporating an Aero-Flex support border around the edge of the mattress. Not only does this Aero-Flex support foam prevent the sagging of mattress edges, but maximises the surface area of your sleeping solution by providing total edge-to-edge support.
A number of these sleeping solutions also include the Mlily mattress cover with Nanocool Technology. This Ice Fabric layer complements the cooling properties of the Bamboo Charcoal memory foam and feels cool to the touch, perfect for those who are affected by hot flushes throughout the night. Although not a removable cover, they are designed to keep fresh and help you feel rejuvenated when you wake up.
While most Mlily mattresses incorporate the Bamboo smart foam, several of their mattresses also include a flex comfort foam layer, a type of poly-foam that offers firm support nearer the base of the mattress. A combination of multiple layers of quilted foams is designed to ease back and joint pain, you will see these most included in their ortho collections to ensure you get uninterrupted sleep.

What mattress firmnesses are available?

Depending on your preferred sleeping positions, the mattress firmness that's right for you will differ. Mlily produces either medium feel or medium firm mattresses, appropriate for different kinds of sleepers. Read below to find out which one is best for you.


Medium mattresses are on the softer end of the mattress tension spectrum and are best designed for side sleepers. This is because the mattress surface can provide extra cushioning for the pressure points like the shoulders and hips, and relieving pressure around these areas ensures the mattress is promoting healthy spine alignment throughout the night.

Medium firm support

The firmest option Mlily produces is a medium to firm option. Unlike medium mattresses, firmer mattresses are better for back or stomach sleepers and people who have higher body weight. A firm mattress promotes healthy spine alignment when sleeping in these positions, however, a medium to firm support is slightly different. Because it's in between a softer and firmer mattress, a medium to firm mattress will give the best night's sleep to combination sleepers: people who sleep in a variety of positions. This is the case because the mattress surface is neither too soft nor too firm to support you in all sleeping positions.