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Rapid growth

From lofty ambitions to being recognised as a global mattress brand, Mlily has acquired unprecedented success and hasn't looked back since. Mlily operates over 100 shops in China with a target of 300 within 3 years and has partners in 10 countries, including the UK, USA, Japan, Singapore and Australia, reinforcing the power and influence Mlily has throughout the world. Moreover, Mlily exports nearly 500 containers monthly to its partners worldwide and is the largest foam producer in Asia.

Global partnership with Manchester United

Mlily's sought-after partnership with football powerhouse and globally renowned giants Manchester United is a testament to the quality and prestige of the Mlily brand. If the Mlily mattress range is trusted by superstar athletes for a restorative night's sleep, then Mlily is sure to provide you with the best night's sleep.

What makes the Mlily mattress range appealing?

Over the years, how often have you woken up in the morning tired and groggy, having suffered a poor night's sleep? Mlily looks to combat this and reinvent the traditional sleep system. The use of science is central to the manufacturing and design of Mlily's mattresses; their state-of-the-art lab facility regulates the temperature, firmness and resilience of the mattress and tests the capability of the foam and whether it's stretchable or not. Moreover, Mlily monitors and tests all the raw materials they buy from other suppliers to ensure they are of the highest standards and comply with any global certifications. With such vigorous criteria in place, Mlily goes above and beyond to ensure your Mlily mattress is guaranteed longevity and phenomenal quality.

Our Mlily collection

Here at Mattressman, we are proud to showcase the Bamboo Refresh collection consisting of a range of innovative features to enhance your night's rest. 

Why choose a mattress from the Bamboo Refresh range?

A cleaner, healthier sleep

This collection of mattresses features anti-microbial properties offering fantastic resistance to bacteria such as dust mites and therefore ensures your mattress remains clean and healthy throughout the night.

Moisture absorption

Bamboo absorbs moisture resulting in a cool and dry night's sleep.

Temperature regulating properties

The bamboo charcoal memory foam helps to regulate temperature, ensuring our mattress isn't 'too hot' or 'too cold', resulting in better sleep.


The Bamboo Refresh range is anti-allergic and hygienic and is therefore ideally suited to allergy sufferers, helping to promote a comfortable and undisturbed night's rest.


Mlily is conscious of how tricky it can be to implement your new mattress; trawling your mattress through hallways or flights of stairs is sometimes unavoidable, but it can result in a damaged mattress. Mlily combat this with their vacuum-packed mattresses. Arriving rolled for easy manoeuvrability, setting up your mattress has never been simpler.

What sizes of Mlily mattresses are there?

Such is the popularity of Mlily mattresses; our range of Mlily mattresses includes single, double, king and super king size to account for all sleepers.

What types of Mlily mattresses are available?

Solely foam mattresses

Ideal for foam enthusiasts, these mattresses provide sumptuous and targeted support and comfort for a fantastic night's sleep. The core support foam and memory foam work harmoniously to provide unparalleled support and comfort.

Hybrid mattresses

Mlily's hybrid sleep system combines the tailored support of pocket springs with the luxurious benefit of memory foam for the best comfort and support.

What are pocket springs?

A pocket spring system is made from individual pocket springs and forms the base of the mattress, with each pocket spring enclosed within its fabric pocket. Each spring works independently from one another and reacts only to the pressure applied to that area culminating in targeted, pressure-relieving support. Surrounding the pocket springs is the Aero-Flex Support Border, which surrounds the pocket sprung core, and provides edge-to-edge support preventing the mattress from sagging and allowing you to utilise the entire surface. 

Which mattress tension should I opt for?

Regarding mattresses, it isn't a case of one size fits all; instead, your sleeping position and requirements determine which mattress is suitable for you.

Medium firm tension

A medium firm mattress is commonly referred to as an "all-rounder" due to its capacity to provide comfort and support to the body, irrespective of the sleeping position. A Mlily mattress with medium firm tension is neither too firm to cause improper spine alignment when sleeping on your side nor too soft for back or front sleeping. Moreover, the mattress gives your body the pressure relief and support needed to reduce aches and joint pain.

Firm tension

A mattress with a firm tension is ideally suited for front and back sleepers as the firm surface can sufficiently distribute body weight and provide spinal support whilst sleeping in these positions.

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