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Should I consider a single metal bed frame?

When considering a single metal bed, it's essential to assess both the suitability of a single bed frame for your bedroom and the appeal of a metal structure.


A single bed is likely unsuitable for anyone who shares a bed due to the slight size of the bed frame. If you share a bed yet are conscious of your room's available space, a small double bed represents the ideal alternative to a double bed and could be just the thing for your bedroom. Small single and single beds tend to be common fixtures among children's and teenagers' rooms and guest bedrooms. However, the compact size of a single bed ensures it's a viable option for anyone living independently in a setting where space is at a premium.


As mentioned above, single beds are commonly associated with children's bedrooms. The significance of a metal bed frame for your child's bedroom is that the neutral and understated style that the metal possesses ensures the bed frame will resonate with your child's preferred aesthetic and vision even as they grow. Instead of more eccentric beds that opt for playful and exciting designs, your child won't outgrow the idea of a metal bed. Such is the universal appeal of a metal structure; these types of beds vary from bunk beds to metal day beds to standard bed frames.


Regarding style, the appeal of metal beds is more than just versatility. Metal bed frames showcase a distinctively opulent and glamorous aesthetic.


Metal is similar to wood in that both materials are renowned for their durability and capabilities to withstand the test of time.

How can I settle on the perfect single metal bed frame?

Assess your bedroom's aesthetic

Regardless of whether your bedroom possesses a single or a king size bed, your bed frame will take its place as the room's focal point on account of the sheer size of the bed in relation to the room's other furniture. Therefore, from a style perspective, envisage whether your potential bed is compatible with the bedroom.

Consider style

One way to narrow your metal bed frame search is to decide whether you'd like to purchase a more modern-orientated bed frame or a bed that draws inspiration from traditional furnishings. Modern bed frames usually adopt minimalist designs such as industrial-styled frameworks and are often accompanied by low footends. Moreover, white, cream and silver are synonymous with modern furnishings, which is worth considering if you're actively looking to construct a modern room layout. Alternatively, our bed frames that feature opulent and glamorous detailing showcase a traditional elegance.

What else should I take into account before buying a single metal bed?

Choose between solid and sprung slats

Wooden slats feature at the base of the bed underneath the mattress; sprung slats provide cushioned support and provide the bed with a 'bouncier feel', whereas solid last provide firmer mattress support.

Why shop with Mattressman?

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