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What is the appeal of a metal bed?

Timeless elegance

Depending on the metal bed frame you opt for, the style will likely be compatible with a modern bedroom or showcase a timeless and elegant aesthetic for a traditionally styled bedroom. Our metal beds that feature disincentive style and glamour, such as opulent finials, curved headboards and footends, contribute towards a statement bed.

Contemporary style

Our range of metal beds that embody a more subtle and understated beauty provide the perfect match for any modern bedroom. These bed styles boast a sleek style exuding a metallic shimmer and simple yet effective style. Other minimalist and modern metal beds feature stunning and uplifting white finishes.

Ideally suited for most bedrooms

The beauty of a metal bed is its suitability for the majority of bedrooms. The neutral finish accompanying most metal beds means it's just as well-suited to a guest bedroom or a child's room as it is a master bedroom.

What's the difference between a bed with a low footend and a high footend?

These terms relate to the end of the bed; a low footend means the unit at the bottom of the bed, matching the headboard, is positioned close to the ground; in contrast, a high footend stands tall above the mattress. A low footend bed is popular with smaller bedrooms as it presents the illusion of a larger bedroom. Conversely, a high footend bed contributes towards a statement bed that occupies ample space and positions the bed as the room's focal point.

Choose between solid slats or sprung slats

Most of our metal beds feature wooden slats beneath the mattress for enhanced comfort and support. Solid slats provide firmer support, whereas sprung slats provide greater cushioned support.

Check out our other collections of metal bed frames

Metal frames are just as popular with children as they are with adults. Our kids' collection features a range of metal bunk beds that can seamlessly integrate into various children's bedrooms. Moreover, we also feature metal day beds and a range of metal beds, varying from single to super king size options.

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