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What does our collection comprise?

Our range consists of faux leather beds; our faux leather beds are regarded more affordable alternatives to real leather beds while remaining durable and hard-wearing. Compared to leather bed frames, faux leather is renowned for its low maintenance and, for peace of mind, doesn't crack as easily as genuine leather. The other main appeal of faux leather is that the material can be manufactured in various colours, thus meaning our range features pink, white, grey, brown and black options. Whilst a faux leather bed won't embody the characteristic scent of genuine leather, faux leather is recognised for its beautiful style, affordability and durability. 

Should I consider a king size leather bed?

To determine whether this type of bed is the right option, you must assess whether your room can accommodate a king size bed and if leather upholstery matches the room's vision and aesthetic.

King size bed

The sheer size of a king size bed means it's likely to occupy great space within your room. You should consider how important the extra space a king size bed offers is to your bedroom, compared to a small double or double bed. If you sleep alone yet feel restricted by a single bed and would like more space, a small double is ideal. Whilst, for any couples sharing a bed, a double bed might represent the perfect bed frame for their room. Ideally, your bed will occupy ample space within your bedroom while ensuring plenty of space for bedroom furniture. If your bedroom is of significant size, you're likely to find yourself choosing between a double, king or super king size bed.

Leather finish

Your new bed will undoubtedly be the room's focal point and must align with your furniture. Whilst our great range features beautiful leather bed frames, you must consider your potential bed concerning your room's style to assess whether it's compatible. Leather beds are usually synonymous with elegant and traditionally styled bedrooms. However, the various colours accompanying our faux leather range offer greater flexibility.

Our favourite features

Different styles

One way to ensure your new bed stands out is to consider a bed with a sleigh or scroll style headboard and footend. These stunning designs provide a distinctive and eye-catching aesthetic. Alternatively, consider a leather bed with beautiful buttoned detailing showcased throughout the headboard.

Integrated storage options

Either in the form of under-bed drawers or ottoman storage, your new bed could feature storage options that ensure your belongings are accessible at all times. The beauty of these bed frames is that they make use of space that would otherwise be unaccounted for.

Choose between a low footend and a high footend

A low footend ensures you're not restricted to the length of the mattress and gives off the impression of a minimalist and understated bed frame. In contrast, a high footend faux leather bed contributes towards an elegant statement piece of furniture.

What's the difference between solid and sprung slats?

Our user-friendly website allows you to narrow your leather bed search via the types of slats. Sprung slats give the mattress a 'bouncier feel', whereas solid slats accentuate the mattresses firmness.

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