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How do I choose the right cot bed mattress?

There are several factors to consider when finding a cot mattress for your nursery, but it need not be daunting. Below, we discuss some parameters to ensure you find the best cot mattress for your little one to get a good night's sleep.

Check safety regulations

A few British Standard regulations ensure the safety of your child's bed. Firstly, BS 7177:1996 relates to flammability standards. Manufacturers can install several 'voluntary' standards across their products, including BS EN 16890:2017 A1:2021. This guarantees that no mattress part can become a choking hazard and that the firmness is appropriate for a child. In addition, the mattress cover doesn't deteriorate after washing, potentially diminishing the quality of the mattress.

Ensure the size is compatible with your cot frame

If you already have a cot bed crib or have chosen the one you want, you will need to make sure the baby cot mattress fits. The perfect cot mattress will fit the frame with no gaps around the edge. If there are gaps, this could present a hazard to your infant. Out cotbed mattresses are available in 60 x 120cm or 70 x 140cm, both the standard sizes for cot bed frames. We stock a range of cots to fit your mattress, including versatile options that can match your existing furniture and styles.

Support firmness

As adults, the firmness of our mattresses comes down to our preferred sleeping positions and overall preferences. However, it's a different story with babies and young infants, as the mattress surface must be reasonably firm. This is because there is a minimised risk of suffocation for a firmer mattress if your child rolls over at night. The mattress surface will not be soft enough to cause this. Whilst most brands manufacture their cot mattresses in line with this, it's good practice to check to give you peace of mind.

Waterproof covers

One of the most essential factors of a baby cot mattress is that they're waterproof. You won't have to worry about the internal fillings of the bed getting damaged whenever there have been accidents or spillages. Moreover, most mattress manufacturers ensure these covers are removable, so you can frequently wash them and keep your child's sleeping environment hygienic.

Hypoallergenic fillings

The best way to reduce exposure to allergens in your child at night is to have them sleep on a comfy mattress with hypoallergenic fillings. They reduce the presence of dust mites, a common allergen that builds up in our beds over time.

Other properties of baby cot mattresses

You'll find that most brands will state their cot mattresses are foam-free. Producing memory foam beds involves a series of chemical processes and, as a result, can smell when you initially unpackage your new sleeping solution. Many parents want to avoid exposing their children to this. Memory foam isn't needed to support a child's growth and development.

What brands manufacture cot bed mattresses

All mamas and papas can rest easy, knowing their child has a safe space to sleep. Here at Mattressman, we stock various new products from trusted UK brands. CuddleCo and Relyon manufacture high-quality sleeping solutions for cots.
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