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What is a single bunk bed?

A single bunk bed comprises two or three single-sized beds placed on top of one another. The apparent appeal of a bunk bed is that it occupies space vertically instead of horizontally, allowing for greater floor space. Bunk beds commonly feature within rooms that siblings share and are recognised as practical and exciting additions to children's bedrooms.

Should I buy a single bunk bed?

As fantastic as bunk beds are, they're only compatible with some children's bedrooms. Below are valuable criteria for determining whether a single bunk bed is the right option for your children’s room.

Consider the room's requirements

A bunk bed is often a necessity for two, or in the case of a triple single bunk bed, three children sharing a room. Some bedrooms aren't large enough to accommodate two single beds and therefore rely on a single bunk bed. If your child's bedroom is of ample size, you may find that you can choose between single beds or a bunk bed.

Consider the room's available space

As alluded to above, space is an important consideration. If you're looking to actively save space within the bedroom and prefer your children's room to cater towards bedroom furniture instead of an additional bed frame, a bunk bed could be the way to go.

Consider the age of your children

As a general rule of thumb, bunk beds are suitable for children aged between four and sixteen, whilst the top bunk should only be utilised by children over six.

For a bedroom occupied by a single child, consider a mid sleeper

A mid-sleeper resembles a similar structure to a bunk bed, although in place of the bottom bunk features storage space.

Evaluate what it is you're looking for in a bunk bed

Of course, a safe and comfortable night's sleep is a necessity; however, you can achieve much more from your child's bunk bed than merely comfort and support. Our range includes a collection of themed and novelty bunk beds encompassing wonderful and eccentric designs. These designs range from tree house styles to London Bus replicas, thus blurring the lines between play areas and bed frames. The interior of your kids' bedroom promises to deliver courtesy of our playful and beautiful designs and are tailor-made for the sleepover of the year.

Our favourite bunk bed features


A collection of our bunk beds feature integrated storage options either within the headboards or on the outside of the frame. These storage facilities consist of desks, under-bed drawers, shelves and other innovative features to ensure the complete set-up. 


It's no secret that inevitably, your children will outgrow the idea of a bunk bed, and two single beds will be required within the room. With this in mind, a collection of our bunk beds can easily separate and function as two standalone bed frames; thus, ensuring years of use.

What materials are our single bunk beds made from?

Natural pine

For a traditionally styled bedroom, consider a beautiful and quaint pine bed frame that is as stylish as it is durable. Pine beds exude rustic character and warmth and have the potential to add the finishing touch to any bedroom.

Wood effect

Alternatively, our wood effect beds are constructed from particleboard and MDF and are as durable as wooden beds. With a range of colours to choose from, the bed can seamlessly integrate into various contemporary bedrooms.


Sleek and stylish metal bunk beds are the perfect fit for modern bedrooms and add an elegant touch wherever they reside.

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