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High Sleeper Loft Beds

High sleeper beds are a great option for children’s bedrooms, often a dual-purpose furnishing with a bed and shelf space combined. Some of them go beyond the dual and straight into the thrice or quad-purpose, featuring desks and wardrobe space.

We stock high sleepers that can fit a range of bedrooms, as well as the range of purposes desired. For example, the LPD Furniture Saturn Mid Sleeper has little functionality as the bed is raised above the ground so there’s a large amount of storage space underneath. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Birlea’s Merlin High Sleeper features a bed, built in desk, shelf space, drawers and wardrobe space all together.

These beds are great as they have their own space to concentrate and do homework, have multiple places to store their toys and multiple shelf spaces to place books or ornaments.

With these high quality options available, your child could be letting their imagination run wild with such a furnishing in their rooms. You could make your life much easier through multifunctional beds, so take a look at our range today....