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What type of mattresses does Healthosleep produce?

Memory foam

Often talked about as the 'most advanced mattresses', a memory foam mattress adapts to the body's contours to provide targeted support. A memory foam mattress either solely consists of foam or incorporates a layer of foam in conjunction with a pocket sprung base or open coil system; these types of mattresses are referred to as hybrid mattresses.

Pocket sprung base

Our hybrid mattress range includes a pocket sprung base that precedes a layer of memory foam. A pocket sprung base consists of individual springs enclosed in fabric pockets that provide tailored support by reacting to individual body movements. For a mattress that combines the comfort of memory foam and the tailored support of pocket springs, consider a hybrid mattress from Healthosleep.

Reflex foam and memory foam

Void of a spring base, Healthosleep feature a variety of all-foam mattresses. In addition to memory foam, these mattresses incorporate reflex foam to provide a sturdy mattress base. Foam mattresses are renowned for their pressure-relieving properties and excellent quality support culminating in a mattress that offers ultimate comfort.

What mattress tensions do Healthosleep mattresses consist of?

Our Healthosleep range includes mattresses with medium and medium firm tensions.

Is a medium mattress right for me?

A medium mattress is ideally suited for side sleepers, with the soft mattress tension able to provide cushioned support to the neck and back. If you sleep on your front or back, it's worth avoiding a medium mattress as the spine will likely sink into the mattress in this sleeping position, consequently promoting poor spinal alignment.

I change sleeping position throughout the night, is a medium firm mattress right for me?

A medium firm mattress is renowned for its versatility and can accommodate most adults, from average statures to heavily weighted people who sleep in various positions throughout the night. The mattress tension is soft enough to adequately cushion the hip and shoulder and firm enough to support front and back sleeping.

What sizes are Healthosleep mattresses available in?

Our Healthosleep mattresses are available in small single, single, small double, double, king size and super king.

What else does Healthosleep produce?

In addition to their premium mattresses, Helthosleep features memory foam toppers, ideal for providing additional support and comfort. The topper includes a generous layer of memory foam (25mm) that prevents pressure points and improves circulation. A second layer of reflex foam (50mm), a slightly denser material designed to push back against the body, offers fantastic support.

Why should I purchase from Mattressman?

Here at Mattressman, we pride ourselves on our superb mattresses at prices that reflect excellent value for money.

Free delivery

When you shop with Mattressman, you're eligible for free next working day delivery (8.00 am – 6.00 pm) on orders over £45 anywhere within the UK mainland (dependent on the delivery area). So for a secure shopping experience that can be relied upon, treat yourself to a Healthosleep mattress.

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