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Oak and hardwood manufacturers

Most well-known for its solid wood and sustainable hardwoods, Flintshire Furniture incorporates high-quality materials and stunning style into its designs. Their bed frames constructed from solid and hardwood are a more environmentally friendly approach to furniture manufacturing due to the regenerative nature of wood. Stunning traditional fashion and storage space are just some of the many benefits Flintshire Furniture include in its solid oak designs.

Types of bedroom furniture they offer

Wooden beds

Have you spent a long time researching oak, considering whether it's the perfect item to include in your bedroom set-up? Every Flintshire Furniture product constructed from solid American oak or other hardwoods offers incredible durability, support and comfort. Choose from classic or contemporary style thanks to the shaker headboard designs or modern painted wood, meaning there's an aesthetic for every bedroom. What's more, Flintshire Furniture has incorporated storage space in several of their wooden beds, for instance, drawers at the footend or sides of frames, so you don't have to choose between the styles you like and practical functions.

Metal beds

Whilst Flintshire Furniture is the master of wooden bedroom furniture, now metal bed frames are amongst the special items they manufacture. Emulating gorgeous styles such as a traditional metal bed frame with finials or modern options incorporating geometric shapes into the headboard designs that you will fall in love with the very first moment you see it. In comparison to the solid slats offered in the wooden bed range, Flintshire Furniture's metal beds use sprung slatted bases for increased bounce and comfort. Typically, a sprung slatted base accentuates the comfort of a mattress on the softer end of the spectrum.

Upholstered beds

Flintshire Furniture's range knows no bounds as they expand into exquisite upholstered bed frames. Showcasing classic buttoned headboards, these versatile beds are ideal for bedrooms with limited space thanks to the practical ottoman storage incorporated into these designs. In addition, the gorgeous grey upholstery can complement an array of bedroom aesthetics and enhance the room's cosiness.

Kids bedroom furniture

Are you looking to furnish your children's bedroom too? Look no further than Flintshire Furniture's kid's bed range. This valued stockist manufactures bunk beds, high sleepers and mid sleepers, so there is an option for every child in their collections. Their bunk beds are ideal for children who share a room, available in either white or grey-coated wood. Similarly, the mid and high sleepers are also available in these colour schemes and include innovative storage solutions. From shelves to cupboards, pull-out desks and mini cabinets incorporated into the stair designs, there are plenty of spots for your children to store clothes, games, toys and books.

Guest beds

Are you looking for a practical guest bed to include in your home? Flintshire Furniture's stowaway beds are super practical and stylish and constructed from great hardwood. Featuring a single bed frame with a trundle bed that is stored underneath, you can sleep with either one or two people in your guest bedroom. What's more, if your guests are a couple, you can raise the trundle bed to the height of the bed frame to form a temporary double bed. Then, you can store it under the bed frame again when not in use.

What bed sizes does Flintshire Furniture offer?

This value stockist includes almost every UK standard size in their range. Whilst each design may vary in the specification when taking into account storage and headboard variations, the beds accommodate these sizes of mattress: single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 19cm), king size (150 x 200cm) and super king size (180 x 200cm).

What are the best mattresses to go with a Flintshire Furniture bed frame?

A different mattress is required to promote healthy spine alignment with every preferred sleeping position. Read below to discover which support is best designed for the way you sleep.

Side sleeper

We generally recommend that people who prefer to sleep on their side opt for mattresses of a softer or medium support tension; the mattress surface will provide enough cushioning to your pressure points, mainly your shoulders and hips, to ensure your spine rests in a healthy position all night long. Combine with a sprung slatted bed frame that accentuates the body-moulding properties of the mattress, and you'll be in the ultimate sleep heaven.

Back or stomach sleeper

Conversely, back and stomach sleepers require firmer mattresses to keep their spine aligned all night long. Pairing this sleeping solution with a solid slatted bed frame helps underscore that firm support.

Combination sleeper

Lastly, a combination sleeper who sleeps in all positions is best suited to medium firm mattresses. Neither too soft nor too firm to support you in all positions, your spine will be adequately supported no matter how you sleep. A bed with sprung or solid slats are appropriate for a medium firm support mattress.

Why purchase a Flintshire Furniture bed frame with Mattressman?

You get excellent value for money when you shop with Mattressman, and you can also take advantage of the free delivery service. Flintshire Furniture delivers its products straight from its warehouse, so you don't have to wait for a long time. What's more, if you're ordering a mattress with your new bed frame, you can make the most of our next-day delivery service. If the mattress is in stock and ordered before 4 pm, you can receive your new sleeping solution as soon as the next working day. You can find the link at the bottom of our website for all the latest information regarding delivery.

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