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What is a double headboard?

A headboard is a unit that attaches to the sleeping end of the bed and stands above the bed frame. In the context of headboards, the term 'double' relates to the size of the bed frame, and double headboards fit double beds.

Should I purchase a double bed headboard?

When purchasing a headboard as a standalone purchase, it's important to assess the suitability of your bed frame. Most of our range consists of strutted headboards that are solely compatible with divan beds. Alternatively, freestanding headboards can either be attached or stand independently from the bed frame.

What is the appeal of double bed headboards?


From a style perspective, a suitable headboard can be regarded as an extension of your bedroom décor. When you take into account that the bed is likely to be the largest and most significant piece of furniture within the bedroom, the significance of the headboard's style becomes apparent. A sumptuous, plush fabric headboard can offset abundant style and glamour and seamlessly complement your bedroom's furniture.


If your bed is placed against the wall, the headboard serves as a protective barrier and prevents the bed from causing scrapes and minor scuffs to the wall.


As opposed to metal double headboards, for example, fabric headboards make great makeshift backrests and allow you to comfortably watch tv in bed. Moreover, headboards provide a barrier and prevent pillows from falling down the sleeping end of the bed.

What headboard features are included in our collection?

Overarching wings

A winged headboard gives off the impression of an intimate and all-consuming bed, simultaneously exuding glamour and elegance.

Buttoned detailing

So often associated with Chesterfield furniture, buttoned headboards convey a truly opulent aesthetic.

What colours can I choose from?

Our collection features an extensive range of colour options varying from more eccentric and bold options such as orange, red and yellow to more subtle and understated colours consisting of silver, cream and brown, among other options.

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