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What is a fabric bed?

A fabric bed, otherwise referred to as an upholstered bed frame, is simply categorised by a fabric frame encompassing a headboard and footend upholstered in fabric. The soft fabrics that define upholstered beds ensure they serve as makeshift seats, with the fabric headboard providing an ideal backrest.

Is a fabric bed frame suitable for my bedroom?

So often, there is a clear differentiation between a stylish bed frame and whether that same bed frame is compatible with your bedroom's aesthetic. It's essential not to think of the bed frame's style and design in isolation but to view the bed in relation to your room's setup to assess its suitability. Detailed below is a breakdown of our collection's styles, designs and colours and advice on how to tailor a fabric bed frame to your bedroom.

Assess your room's aesthetic

As alluded to above, consider whether a upholstered bed is the right choice for your bedroom. Whilst our extensive collection embodies timeless elegance and glamour, fabric beds commonly feature within contemporary bedrooms and, therefore, if your bedroom encompasses a distinctly traditional style, a wooden bed or opulent metal bed may be more appropriate.

Consider colour

With a range of colours varying from neutral options such as silver or grey to more lavish choices such as a rich green or vibrant orange, consider which colour best suits your room's existing furniture and style. Regarding style and suitability, the colour goes a long way to determining whether you've chosen the perfect upholstered bed frame.

Settle on subtle beauty or a statement piece of furniture

Of course, style is subjective, but generally speaking, our range can be categorised into subtle and minimalist styles and more lavish and grand fabric upholstered beds. Neutral colours, low foot ends and simplistic headboards usually culminate in a bed frame that exudes a subtle beauty and allows its surroundings to flourish. Conversely, a bold finish and glamorous detailing featured throughout the headboard achieve the desired aesthetic of a statement piece of furniture. For a bed frame destined to capture the room's attention, consider a bed with a glorious winged headboard or an elegant scroll-style headboard and footend.

The bed's style and design solely define the desired effect you'd like your new bed to achieve. So whether you'd like to add great character and style to a master bedroom or fancy something minimalist and sleek, our collection caters to your needs. The exception to this is our range of crushed velvet beds that, unlike many other fabric beds, combine the subtlety and neutrality of a grey finish with the lavish and exuberant style emanating from the sparkling fabric.

What are the different headboard types that feature on fabric bed frames?

There are more headboard variations than you may have initially envisaged, all providing a different aesthetic. For example, a winged headboard features overarching wings on either side of the headboard, culminating in a cosy sleeping area and a truly remarkable aesthetic appeal; similarly, a scroll-style headboard features an outward curve. A collection of our headboards feature buttoned detailing synonymous with Chesterfield furniture, adding an additional aesthetic dimension to the bed; similar is the case with our beds that incorporate patterns throughout the headboard.

Is integrated storage important to you?

Our storage beds function similarly to ottoman beds and feature under-bed drawers to store blankets, throws, bedding and other bedroom essentials. The appeal of our storage bed collection is that these beds feature luxurious fabrics, eye-catching designs, and impressive practical features.

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